Cheadle & Gatley District Bowling League

Rules of the League

These rules were adopted at the Annual General Meeting in 2018, amended 2020.


1 League Management

1.1 Name

The league shall be named the Cheadle & Gatley District Bowling League.

1.2 Object

Too encourage & promote bowling for members of clubs within a reasonable distance of Cheadle & Gatley in leagues and competitions. All games played under ‘The Laws of Crown Green Bowling as governed by BCGBA

1.3 Power of AGM

i. Too hold an AGM each January, attended by two delegates from each club, both entitled to vote.
ii. Any club failing to send a representative without reason fined £2.
iii. Too appoint Officials and agree league format for the coming season.

1.4 Half Yearly General Meeting

Too hold a half yearly meeting in November each year to amend any rule changes or hear any appeals etc, followed by the annual awards. Rule 1.3 ii applies.

1.5 Management

The league shall be managed by a committee consisting of all officers of the league and one delegate from each club, shall meet on dates advised of which at least seven days notice shall be given. Rule 1.3 ii applies

1.6 Guarantee fee

A guarantee fee of £10 shall be required from any club on joining the league. To be returned at the end of the season if all accounts have been paid.

1.7 Fees

The income required to manage the league’s affairs shall be derived from a flat fee of one amount per team entered by a club which will include a) the annual subscription. b) Registration fee for all players registered by 31st May. c) Levy per player per game. d) Supplying a set of league handbooks per team. e) Knockout Cup team entry fee.

Treasurer to declare the fee for the following season at the half yearly meeting

1.8 Finance

The monies belonging to the league shall be banked in the names of the chairman and secretary (or treasurer and secretary) who shall sign all cheques on behalf of the league.

1.9 Auditing of Accounts

Accounts to be audited at the end of each season by two auditors appointed at the preceding AGM and each club in the league to receive a balance sheet at least 14 days prior to each AGM.

1.10 Finance – deficits

If the annual balance is adverse, it shall be borne in equal proportion by each affiliated club.

1.11 Finance – accounts to clubs

Treasurer to issue each club an account of fees due for the season by 30th September. All fees are to be paid within 30 days of receipt. Any club not having paid its fees will incur a fine of £5.

1.12 Disputes

An enquiry into any suspected breach of rules may be instituted by the Officials at their absolute discretion or at the request of any club who may lodge a complaint. In all such protests a copy must also be forwarded to the offending club within seven days of the supposed offence, the appellants must deposit a fee of £1 it will be returned should the protest be upheld or forfeited in the event of the complaint being unsubstantiated.

1.13 Appeals

Failure to agree on a resolution by either party, an appeal may be made to the next higher authority. The authorities are the management committee, the County Association to which the league is affiliated and the BCGBA (their ruling shall be final with no further recourse.)

1.14 Resignations

Any club resigning from the league must send notice to the secretary 28 days before the AGM. Resignations after the AGM will be charged as Rule 1.7

1.15 Availability of greens

The secretary will present to all clubs at the AGM a green roster advising of the league’s requirements for knockout competitions and qualifying rounds of the individual competitions.

2. Team Matches

2.1 Size of teams

Evening league – teams to consist of 10 players, thirteen handbooks per team are included in the annual fee.

Veterans league – teams to consist of 8 players, over 60 years of age, 10 handbooks per team are included in the annual fee.

2.2 Registration of players

All players must be registered with the league and BCGBA and cannot play until registered. The list of players a club wishes to register shall be in the hands of the league secretary by 31st March. Further registrations will be accepted up to 31st May free of charge, then up to 31st July at a fee of 50p each. No registrations accepted after 31s July. Players must not bowl for more than one club in a league during the season

2.3 Start time

All evening league games start at 7pm or by mutual agreement sanctioned by the management committee, up to 15th May and in August the start time is 6.30pm for all clubs without floodlights. All veteran’s league games start at 1.30pm or by mutual agreement sanctioned by the management committee. A different day or time for a particular team may be authorized at the preceding AGM.

2.4 Setting of a mark

A mark in the veterans is between 19 meters and 40 meters, objection as per BCGBA Laws of the game.

2.5 Conduct of matches

Games to be 21 up. Visiting teams to take the jack, a minimum of four jacks to be maintained throughout the match, captains to declare their players in time to allow this to be achieved. They shall declare all their players by one hour after the start time, after which no team changes are permissible. If a team cannot make a player available when required to maintain four jacks, that game shall be forfeited to the opponent 21-0

2.6 Green fees

Home clubs playing on park greens shall be responsible for all green fees chargeable during the period of the match.

2.7 Practice

The home team can practice until 15 minutes before the start time. The away team to have sole use for the remaining 15 minutes with the match jacks being available. The away captain may practice with the home team to allow time for the draw.

2.8 Eligibility for lower teams

Where a club has entered two or more teams in a league, the teams shall be ranked ‘A’,’B’, etc. A player who has a ‘plus’ average for any team after having played three or more games shall not be eligible to play for any lower team.

2.9 Doubling up

Where a club has more than one team in a league, no player can play for more than one team in the same week.

2.10 Average prize

Any member of the competing clubs to qualify for division average prize must play in three-quarters of his team’s matches and include two of the last four.

2,11 Submission of results sheets

(i) The home team (or winning team at a neutral venue) will be responsible for submitting the result sheet to the match secretary to arrive within three days, duly signed by both captains.

(ii) Teams not having the required number of players will be shown on the team sheet as a walkover score nil for the absent player. The opponent having the walkover will score 21 but will not be considered eligible towards the division average prize, only as a game played.

(iii) Teams must notify the match secretary of any discrepancies in the recording of a match within 21 days of its publication on the web site

2.12 Penalty for ineligible players

Any club found guilty of playing ineligible players shall have player’s score deducted and game awarded to opponent. Offending clubs will be fined £4 for each ineligible player.

2.13 Division winners, runners-up & relegation.

Divisions to be decided on aggregate chalks scored, highest to lowest. Clubs having the same number of chalks, will be decided by the following criteria, highest number of match wins, if still tied highest head to head aggregate score and finally most head to head away winners.

2.14 Rearrangement of matches

All matches must be played as arranged in the fixtures. The following exceptions: -

(i) Bad weather or green unplayable

Match is postponed on the day, owing to weather, light or green condition. The home club has the duty of informing the match secretary the same day. The two clubs shall agree a new date and inform the match secretary of the new date within 14 days in writing. Failure to reach an arrangement within 14 days, the match secretary will fix the rearranged date.

Potential penalties: Failure to notify the match secretary in writing - £2 and 21 points deducted.

(ii) Other reasons.

A club may only request a rearrangement in an exceptional circumstance and the opponent club must agree to the re-arrangement. A minimum of three dates must be given to the opponents club. If both clubs do not agree a new date then the original fixture date must stand. If rearrangement is agreed the requesting club will be penalised 21 points. If the match is not played, average home and away points respectively will be awarded reduced by 21 points for the team originally requesting the postponement. Both clubs must inform the match secretary in writing of any change of date and the reason within 3 days of the original fixture date.

Fines: Failure to notify the match secretary in writing will incur a £2 fine and 21 points deducted.

2,15 Interrupted match

i. All unfinished games in any match, which has been interfered with by unfavourable weather or any other causes, shall be continued on a future date arranged by the secretaries of the respective clubs, and in accordance with rule 2.14. (i)

ii. Interrupted games will continue with the scores and the positions on the green at the interruption.

Iii, Where a player of an unfinished game is unavailable a substitute is allowed subject to rule 2.8 & 2.14, the score from the original game will be carried forward, the substitute name will be entered on the score sheet, the score of both players will not count towards their averages, only towards prize qualification

3. Bob Newlan Memorial Trophy & P.C.S. Cup

3.1 General

To be competed for annually on a knock out basis. Entry is open to teams competing in the appropriate league. The fee for entry is included in the annual league fee. Prize money is paid to the winners, runners-up and losing semi-finalist from the league funds.

3.2 Conduct of matches

Matches to be played on neutral greens. On dates stated by the League. All games 21 up. Captains to declare teams in order of play at starting time of match. All declared players to be present when called. If not a qualified reserve must be substituted, or the game forfeited. The captains to toss for the lead of the jack, one team taking the lead in odd numbered games, the other in even-numbered games. No player may practice on the green on the day of the match.

3.3 Match result

The team with the higher aggregate score is the winner. In the event of a tie, most wins shall decide, if still tied, most wins from the first three names on the score sheet.

3.4 Handicap

Handicaps to be based on league positions after half of the current season as been played. The leading team to be on scratch, with each successive team receiving an additional three points in the evening competition 1 point in the veterans. The winners to be penalized 10 points or 8 points respective for the following season. New teams to start on scratch until first season they fail to win promotion.

3.5 Eligibility of players.

Teams to consist of players registered for league matches, players must have played in 1 game up to ¼ final, 3 games after. A player is ineligible for a team if he has a plus average in league games (based on three or more games) for a higher team. A player may not play for more than one team in a season, except as follows: after a team is eliminated a maximum of four players in the evening or two players in the veteran’s from that team may play for their club’s other team(s).

3.6 Fitness of green - rearrangement of matches

Decision as to the fitness of a green to be left to the person in charge of the green. If either captain refuses to accept that decision then the match will be awarded to the opposing team. In the event of matches abandoned because of inclement weather or bad light, the points scored by each player shall count and the position of the jacks shall be marked. Completion of the match shall be the subject of consultation with the club on whose green the match is being played and the two competing clubs, match secretary to be informed in writing of the agreed date to complete the match. In an interrupted match see Rule 2.15 If matches cannot be completed before the next round. Result to be decided as per Rule 3.3

4 Individual Competitions - Evening & Veterans Merit

4.1 General

The league may organize individual competitions in connection with either league.

4.2 Closure of entries

Entries for the individual competitions will be closed once the league officials have made the green allocation.

4.3 Qualifying rounds

In qualifying rounds, the draw will be made at each green from the players present at the start time. Responsibility for the draw will be with the host club, unless the league secretary is given seven days notice that alternative arrangements will be necessary.

4.4 Eligibility

Entries are open to bowlers that have played in the appropriate league at least three times during the current season.

4.5 Final day venue

The final day venue will be neutral for all finalists. Draw to be made at the green.

5. The Callison Cup has been returned