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The Final of the Fraser Huyton Pairs Competition was played at Heywood Park on 23rd May. The winners were Ray Forrest and John Wolfenden who beat Michael Fletcher and Barry Trevett 15 -5. The Qualifiers for the final day can be found here while the draw and results can be found here.

The aims of the association are to encourage, promote and organise the game of Crown Green Bowls for Veterans playing on Bolton Metropolitan Borough Council Park Greens.

We currently run two sections, the 'A' Section has 15 teams, while the 'B' Section has 16 teams. We play on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons (plus some Wednesdays). Each team has ten players as a trial in 2021.

We welcome anyone over the age of 60 years, male or female but you need to register for a team before playing a match and hold a current BCGBA number and a Bolton Parks permit.

Please click the post holder to contact the Chairman - Ken Holcroft;  the Results & Fixtures Secretary - Alan Hamer; League and Competitions Secretary & Website Manager - Clive Fenn If the links do not work for you, please use the following email address or Telephone: 07949 200 926.

Please look around the site and have a look at the different links on the left hand side. There are links to names and addresses of all Team Secretaries, Results Secretaries, etc. There is a link to the guide to help your entry of results once the season starts. Links to BCGBA Newsletters, etc. Previous years' results can be found via links by clicking the Bolton Leagues tab on the home page and scrolling down the screen to the table - click the relevant year. 




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Fraser Huyton Pairs Competetion - 2021

Start Time now 1.30pm

Bowl played out of turn

Date of Next Meeting and Minutes of Meetings

The next League Meeting is the AGM to be held on Thursday, 15th September 2022 at 1.30pm at the Railway Club on Green Lane.

Papers for the meeting will be posted here when available.

Future Meetings

Presentation – 10th November 2022 – at The Railway 13:30 for 14:00

AGM – 26th January 2021 – at The Railway at 13:30 (to be confirmed).

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Minutes of previous meetings held in 2021 can be viewed by clicking the appropriate link below

Minutes of the Team Representatives Meeting - 30th September 2021


Minutes of the Team Representatives Meeting - 10th June 2021


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AGM Minutes (Draft) - 30th January 2020

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(Monday 4 April 2022)

The Champions v The Rest

The Champions of both sections played representatives from other teams in their sections on Darbishire Park on Tuesday, 28th September.

On a wet and dull day compared to recent weeks, Tonge Park A were successful in beating the 'A' Section 'The Rest' team 133 to 110. The 'B' Section Champions Heywood Park succombed to the 'B' Section team 132 to 118. The full results of both matches can be found below.

The Competitions Secretary, thanked all for attending on a wet day and also thanked Darbishire Park for hosting the event.

Section A Champions v The Rest - 2021
Held at Derbishire Park on 28th September 2021
Tonge Park A The Rest
1 David Povey 15 Billy Leigh 9
2 Neil Proctor 14 John Mort 15
3 Rodney Hall 9 Tommy Hope 15
4 Ray Perry 15 Bob Williams 6
5 Dave Crook 2 Paul Topping 15
6 Pete Howard 15 Danny Fletcher 9
7 John Hilton 9 Keith Clarkson 15
8 Stephen Openshaw 15 Eric Smith 1
9 Michael Bailey 15 Mick Allcock 0
10 George Manning 9 Howard Boyd 15
11 Keith Parnell (Great Lever A) 15 Ray Wood 10
  Totals 133   110
Section B Champions v The Rest - 2021
Held at Derbishire Park on 28th September 2021
Heywood Park The Rest
1 Roy Brown 8 Lynda Baker 15
2 Dave Hodges 11 Tommy Chesters 15
3 Mick Miller 2 Colin Harwood 15
4 Ray Cross 15 Geoff Dunn 9
5 Peter McCawley 15 Peter Crook 7
6 Alan Holt 10 Denver Smith 15
7 Mick Joule 11 Colin Wrigley 15
8 Mick Bird 15 Clive Fenn 12
9 Ron Morris 15 Eddie Goodwin 12
10 Alan Barrett 15 Mari Brookfield 2
11 George Harrison 1 Rita Dunn 15
  Totals 118   132


(Tuesday 28 September 2021)

BetFred Competition 2021

The Final of the BetFred Trophy will be held on the green of Howrich Public Hall on Friday, 3rd September starting at 11:30 the scratch out time.

The draw for the last 16 from the preliminaries can be found here.

Of the original 32 entries for the competition only 25 people attended the two greens. Apparently, a lot of our top bowlers were playing in a Federation match which explained some of the absences. We will try and avoid Friday Federation games for our competitions in future but only if we are advised of the dates.

There were a total of 32 entries for the BetFred Trophy Competition with preliminaries to be played on 27th August at Tonge Park and Heywood Park. All bowlers are expected to arrive at their allocated green by 11:15 the scratch-out time for the draw for a prompt start at 11:30. Everyone should play at least one game with 8 bowlers from each green going through to the final day scheduled for 3rd September (reserve date 6th) at Horwich Public Hall green also starting at 11:30 (scratch-out time 11:15).

Bowlers will draw their opponents at the preliminaries. Bowlers handicaps will be notified to all on the day.

With 14 bowlers coming from Tonge these were all drawn for Heywood Park - the remaining two places was determined by ballot.

The following will be playing at Tonge Park:

  Name Team
1 Bob Williams Longsight A
2 Danny Fletcher Darbishire Park A
3 Mark Bradshaw Astley Bridge A
4 Carl Whitfield Westhoughton B
5 Howard Boyd Egerton A
6 Francis Warren Haslam
7 Joe Hodkinson Haslam
8 Clive Fenn Great Lever
9 Walt Callow Great Lever
10 Jim Entwistle Moss Bank A
11 Ray Forrest Moss Bank A
12 Dougie Turner Moss Bank A
13 John Mort Astley Bridge A
14 Chris Barnes Moss Bank A
15 Alan Parker Moss Bank A
16 Keith Clarkson Moss Bank A

and the following at Heywood Park:

17 Rosalyn Wilcock Astley Bridge
18 Kevan Latham Astley Bridge
19 E Goodwin Tonge Park
20 R Ankers Tonge Park
21 D Ioheide Tonge Park
22 A Foster Tonge Park
23 L Beeson Tonge Park
24 G Manning Tonge Park
25 Mike Bailey Tonge Park A
26 Ray Perry Tonge Park A
27 Steve Openshaw Tonge Park A
28 Peter Howard Tonge Park A
29 Rod Hall Tonge Park A
30 John Hilton Tonge Park A
31 Sandra Doel Tonge Park
32 Philip Doel Tonge Park

(Thursday 26 August 2021)

Mixed Pairs Competition 2021

Due to poor weather on 6th August the Breightmet green was not playable. As the weather forecast for the reserve date was also very poor it was agreed by all concerned to play the Final Day of the MIxed Pairs on Friday, 13th August with scratch out and draw for opponents being made at 11:15 that day. 

Currently there are 10 pairs as per the table below. With 7 Gent Reserves and no Lady Reserves as a consequence, we will allow any lady who attends on the day to register their willingness to play before 11:15. These ladies will first replace any ladies who do not show on the day and then any remaining ladies will partner any Gent Reserves who do not have a game.

  Lady Name   Gent Name
1 Barbara Entwistle 1 Doug Turner
2 Hazel Brady 2 Peter Hardman
3 Rosalyn Wilcock 3 Jim Entwistle
4 Jean Perry 4 John Forrest
5 Mary Southern 5 R Ankers
6 Ann Turner 6 Denver Smith
7 Karen Fletcher 7 Danny Fletcher
8 Sonia Forrest 8 Kevan Latham
9 Sue Smith 9 Francis Warren
10 Angela Cook 10 Les Fishwick
  Lady Reserves   Gent Reserves
  Currently we have no lady reserves so we will allow ladies to play who attend and register on 13th August at Breightmet before 11.15. They will first replace any ladies who do not turn up on the day then partner any Gent reserves in order. R1 John Kelly
  R2 L Beeson
  R3 Joe Hodkinson
  R4 Howard Boyd
  R5 Ray Forrest
  R6 Clive Fenn
  R7 G Manning


The Competitions Secretary has received entry requests from 41 bowlers for the Mixed Pairs Competition. 17 of these are ladies. As we normally bowl down to the last 16 in the preliminaries, it has been decided not to play the preliminaries that were scheduled for this Friday, 31st July at Moss Bank Park. Instead we will go straight to the Final Day to be held at Breightmet on Friday, 6th August (reserve date Monday, 9th August) with start time of 11:30.

We are asking that all competitors attend at Breightmet before the scratch out time of 11:15 on 6th August to allow time to organise pairings from those who attend on the day. Pairings will be determined by a draw.

Any individual who is balloted out will receive preferential entry in the 2022 competition.


This is a list of entries recorded by 16:00 on 28th July

  Name M/F Team
1 Rosalyn Wilcock F Astley Bridge
2 Sonia Forrest F Moss Bank C
3 Brenda Fenn F Moss Bank C
4 Margaret Barton F Moss Bank C
5 Jean Naughton F Moss Bank C
6 Angela Morton F Moss Bank C
7 Ann Turner F Moss Bank C
8 Barbara Entwistle F Moss Bank C
9 Mary Southern F Moss Bank C
10 Angela Cook F Egerton Park A
11 Jean Perry F Queens Park
12 Sue Smith F Darbishire Park
13 Avril Williams F Longsight
14 Hazel Brady F Moss Bank C
15 Sylvia Redford F Longsight
16 Frances Knight F Moss Bank C
17 Karen Fletcher F Derbishire Park
18 Les Fishwick M Longsight A
19 Clive Fenn M Great Lever Park
20 Kevan Latham M Astley Bridge
21 John Forrest M Egerton Park A
22 Peter Hardman M Egerton Park A
23 Howard Boyd M Egerton Park A
24 Jim Entwistle M Moss Bank A
25 Doug Turner M Moss Bank A
26 John Kelly M Queens Park
27 Denver Smith M Darbishire Park
28 Keith Waldram M Darbishire Park
29 E Goodwin M Tonge Park
30 R Ankers M Tonge Park
31 L Beeson M Tonge Park
32 G Manning M Tonge Park
33 Chris Barnes M Moss Bank Park
34 Ray Forrest M Moss Bank Park
35 Joe Hodkinson M Haslam Park
36 Francis Warren M Haslam Park
37 J Ratcliffe M Longsight
38 E Williams M Longsight
39 R Williams M Longsight
40 Eric Redford M Longsight
41 Danny Fletcher M Derbishire Park


(Wednesday 28 July 2021)

Fraser Huyton Pairs Competetion - 2021

Fraser Huyton Pairs Competition - Final Day Qualifiers click here. The Final Day of the Fraser Huyton Pairs Competition is being held on 28th June (reserve date 2nd July) at Great Lever Park also starting at 11:30.

Bowlers are asked to be in attendance at 11:15 so we can make the draw and start promptly at 11:30 the scratch-out time.

If you would like to take part in the Associations other Competitions please contact Clive Fenn by email on or via text on 07949 200 926 as soon as you can. 

(Saturday 12 June 2021)

Start Time now 1.30pm

The start time and all associated timings were brought forward 30 minutes at the AGM on 31st January. The proposal had been proposed by Chris Barnes and seconded by Ken Crook. After a short discussion on the benefits of an earlier start the proposal to start at 1.30 pm was approved with 20 votes in favour and 8 votes against. More news from the AGM can be found here.

The re-drafted rule 2.1.18 is shown below.  

2.1.18 All League and Cup matches shall commence at 1.30pm and shall be completed that day, weather permitting. Practice will be allowed before the start of all league matches at the following times:

Home team 12.55pm to 1.10pm

Away team 1.10pm to 1.25pm.

The rules for practice shall be followed before the start of any rearranged matches



(Monday 4 February 2019)

Bowl played out of turn

We have had a number of instances when opponents have not allowed a bowler to resend a bowl after it was originally played out of turn. Rule 5.12 of the BCGBA states that "If a player delivers a bowl out of turn it must be returned to be played in its proper turn". This means should a player send their bowl inadvertently after setting a mark following the original block being sent off by their opponent - that player gets their bowl back.

Rule 5.13 covers the instance when a bowler delivers their opponent's bowl. In this instance the offending player forfeits their bowl and the bowl is returned to their opponent. The wording of the rule is "If a player, in turn, delivers a bowl of another player, it shall be returned to the proper owner to be played, the offender forfeiting a bowl." This means the bowl sent incorrectly is not replaced by the correct bowl - it is lost and removed from the end.

Please make sure you read the rules. The rules are printed in the Lancashire and BCGBA Official Handbooks. Your Club should have new copies of these handbooks annually.

(Wednesday 1 June 2016)