Bolton Municipal Bowling League

Bolton Municipal Bowling League Rules. 2016.

  1. Membership shall be open to any interested party.
  2. The league is limited to fourteen teams, admission or refusal of membership shall be at the discretion of the League Committee.
    The A.G.M. to be held in January.
  3. The entrance fee for each team, to be paid at the February meeting prior to the commencement of the season. This fee to be decided at the AG.M.
  4. The League to be governed by a committee consisting of a President, Chairman, Secretary, Assistant Secretary, Treasurer, Assistant Treasurer and a representative of each team. All officials to be elected at the A.G.M. each year and to serve for a twelve period and to have one vote each.
  5. The committee to meet once a month unless a special meeting is called by the Chairman and Secretary. Non-attendance by a team representative will be subject to a £10 fine.
  6. The voting at each monthly meeting shall be by a show of hands. Each team to have one vote. The Chairman to have the casting vote.

    Voting at the AGM will be limited to any two from the captain, vice-captain or nominated representative
  7. Each club shall forward to the Secretary two copies of all the players to be registered by the club. They shall be forwarded to the Secretary one month prior to the opening date of play. Additional players may be added up to the deadline of May 1st.
  8. No player shall play for more than one team in the season unless by special permission of the League Committee.
  9. In the event of any club playing an ineligible player, the player’s record shall be withdrawn from the match and the opponent awarded 21-0 in accordance with rule 19.
  10. Each team shall consist of eight players, shall play home and away as arranged by the League Committee and shall pay a levy for each match as decided by the A.G.M.
  11. All games shall be 21 up.
  12. Points
    • Away win. 3pts
    • Home win. 2pts
    • Away draw. 2pts
    • Home draw. 1pt
    In addition each individual player shall receive one point. In the event of two teams being equal points for the championship or second place, a deciding match shall be played, all players to have played a minimum of 50% of League games to be eligible.
  13. Cup Matches: - to qualify, players will have to played in the fixture games as follows: -

    1st Round - 2 games, 2nd Round – 4 games, Finals- 8 games.

    The Susan Ainsworth and the Pairs are exempt from this rule.
  14. The League Champions to be awarded the Glaister Cup which shall be retained by them until two weeks prior to the Annual Presentation when it must be returned to the League Secretary. The champions and runners up shall be awarded ten individual prizes as set at the A.G.M.
  15. The Sportsman Trophy shall be played for each season by the bottom four teams which shall be played on a neutral green. Rules of play decided by the Committee.
  16. Each team shall reserve four standard jacks which must not be used for practice on match nights prior to the commencement of the game. Only one throw of the Jack allowed except for obstruction where the Jack and Wood may be replaced. Each player will be expected to use their own bowls. Away players to have first cast of the Jack.
  17. The names of players shall be drawn in pairs to the match and played in order unless otherwise agree. A full draw must be done.
  18. Matches shall commence at 7-00pm except during the months of April, August and September when it shall be 6-30pm unless agreed by the captains. Four blocks on at a time and successive blocks at no more than ten minutes intervals after a block is free, discretion can be agreed by the captains, after which the opposing team may claim the chalk 21-0, in accordance with rule 19.
  19. In the event of a player not being present and no substitute replacing them, the player present shall count 21-0.
  20. The captain of each team shall be held responsible for the conduct of his team during the match. The captain is also responsible for monies owed to the league.
  21. Nineteen metres (21 yards) shall be considered a mark. The opposing player objecting to a mark must do so verbally and by raising a hand after delivery of the first wood. In the event of a mark not being set the second player shall send the Jack and the first player shall bowl the first Wood.
  22. In the event of a Jack being delivered off the bowling area by A, the Jack shall then be delivered by B. Should B then deliver the Jack off the bowling area it reverts back to A and so on alternatively. Should the Jack be struck off by either player then the end becomes void and the Jack delivered by whoever set the mark.
  23. Fixtures can only be arranged with the consent of both the captains. Bank Holidays and inclement weather are not deemed as essential for rearrangement and must be agreed.
  24. Matches commenced can only be cancelled and rearranged if no more than four games have been completed, after which the score will continue when the match is rearranged.
  25. All disputes arising in connection with the playing of fixtures and competitions to be decided by the majority of the General Committee.
  26. Each team shall play off a handicap in cup competitions as decided by the Secretary.
  27. Practice Times.
    April-August-September (6-30pm start)
    (Home Team) 5-55pm to 6-10pm (15 mins)
    (Away Team) 6-10pm to 6-55pm (15 mins)

    May-June-July (7-00pm start)
    (Home Team) 6-25pm to 6-40pm (15 mins)
    (Away Team) 6-40pm to 6-25pm (15 mins)

    These times must be strictly adhered to, and no participating team players to be practising outside of these times, prior to the start of the match. Any deviation from these times can only take place by mutual agreement of both captains who may desire an earlier start due to fading light and weather conditions.

February 2016.