Blackburn Ladies Monday Afternoon Bowling League

League rules
League admin

President: Margaret Corden. 01254 706527 Mob 07570 129080. email: the

Secretary: Shirley Boothby. 01282 775844. Mob 07866 662107. email:

Treasurer: Joan Bryce. 01254 249513. Mob 07741 204552. email:

Fixtures Secretary: Pat Riley. 01254 876138. Mob 07762 307787. email:

The Ladies Afternoon Bowling League is dedicated to providing a culture that enables all members to participate

in Crown Green Bowling in a 'Spirit of Friendship and Enjoyment'


League Rules.

Team Contacts.


Captain. Susan Baxendale. Mob 07803 188749. email:

Vice Captain. Julie Harling. Mob 07920 059386. email:

Cherry Tree.

Captain. Maureen Platt. 01254 830775. Mob 07773 261227. email:

Vice Captain. Rosemary Ceaser. Mob 07454 396883. email:

Feniscowles A.

Captain. Ann Blakemore 01254 208740. Mob 07561 830242. email:

Vice Captain. Christine McMurray 01254 419624. Mob 07505 084262.

Feniscowles B.

Captain. Eileen Hodgson 01254 200594. Mob 07748 521413. email:

Vice Captain. Kath Wade. Mob 07977 630995. email:

Lower Darwen Memorial.

Captain. Jean Pimrick. Mob 07773 360386. email: jeanpimrick'

Vice Captain. CaroleTann. Mob 07929 588104. email:

Olive Park.

Captain. Lynn Jennings Mob 07570 962252. email:

Vice Captain. Jenny Baron Mob 07762 930006

Oswaldtwistle Immanuel.

Captain. Diane Greenhalgh 01254 391497. Mob 07983 029043. email:

Vice Captain. Joan Houston 01254 385098. Mob 07552 047090. email:

Roe Lee.

Captain. Wendy Cooper 01254 721439 Mob 07840 898800. email:

Vice Captain. Joan Horsefield 01254 249014. Mob 07719 929118. email:


Captain. Gaynor Waring 01254 937080. Mob 07908 639093. email:

Vice Captain. Joan Bryce 01254 248662. Mob 07741 204552. email:


Captain. Agnes Corben 01254 248345. Mob 07501 265444. email:

Vice Captain. Marie Ellison 01254 245568. Mob 07849 658154.

Cup Competitions 2024

Monday 3rd June. Ivy Heath Doubles @ Oswald Immanual

Registration at 9-45am. Start at 10-00am

Monday 5th August Florrie Hargreaves Trophy @ Roe Lee Park.

Registration at1015am. Start 10-30am 

Monday 23rd September. Presentation Doubles @ Roe Lee Park

Registration at 9-45am. Start at 10-00pm

Monday 7th October Annual General Meeting, 1-00pm @Roe Lee Park

Cup Competitions.2023

Monday 29th May. Ivy Heath Doubles at Whalley

Registration at 9-45am. Start at 100-00am

Monday 7th August. Florrie Hargreaves Trophy at Roe Lee Park

Registration at 10-15am. Start at 10-30am

Monday 18th September. Presentation Doubles at Olive Park Bowling Club

Registration at 9-45am. Start at 10-00am

Annual General Meeting at Roe Lee. 1-00pm start. 

Cup Competitions. 2022

Monday 30th May. Ivy Heath Doubles @ East Lancs Club

Winners: Wendy Cooper (Roe Lee) & Margaret Corden (Olive Park) Runners Up: Shirley Boothby (Lower Darwen Memorial) & Helen Meadows (Whalley)

Losing Semi Finalists: Lorraine Brantwood (Feniscowles) & Derothy Whittle (Cherry Tree). Agnes Corban (Whalley) & Pat Riley (Olive Park)

Monday 1st August. Florrie Hargreaves Trophy @ Roe Lee Park. Round Robin Doubles

First: Maureen Gavhagan (Butlers) and Pat Riley (Olive Park). Second: Jennifer Baron (Olive Park) and Dorothy Slater (Roe Lee). Third: Sandra Wakefield (Whalley) and Ann Nelson (Whalley)

Registration at 10-15am. Start at 1030am.

Monday 19th September. Presentation Doubles @ Olive Park Bowling Club

Registration at 9-45am. Start 10-00am.

Raffle Prizes from all teams.

Monday 3rd October. Annual General Meeting @ Roe Lee

1-00pm Start.