Baxters Removals Community Bowling League

Baxter’s of Lancashire are a professional family run business that have been established for over 65 years. www.baxtersmove,com

League rules

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The Bowling League was formed to take over from a struggling papermakers Bowling League. The Papermakers Bowling League started in the early 1900's for paper mills all over the north west. When the league was struggling for teams the league adopted the 6 singles and 2 doubles format. In 2015 there were only 6 teams so the committee decided to call it a day.  It was a shame to dissolve the league after all the history that had gone before it so Rick Riley and Dave Farnworth decided to take it on. Coleman and Milne sponsored the league since 2016 which was appreciated by all who play in the league. In 2024 Baxters Removals took over the sponsorship so the name of the league was changed to Baxters Removals Community Bowling League. There are now 12 teams in the league with over 200 players who like the format of the league and enjoy playing in it. 

Chairman: Granville Staff. 07747 152636. email:

League Secretary: Jim Sheffield. Tel 01204 596786. Mob 07484 761551. email:

Treasurer: Margaret Corden. Tel 01254 706527. Mob 07570129080.

Secretary: Jim Sheffield. Tel 01204 852019. Mob 07484 761551. email:

Website Administration. Jim Sheffield 01204 852109. Mob.07484 761551. Emergency Contact. Andy Warman 07482 628500

Date for 2024 AGM. To be notified.

Lower Finals Qualifying Rounds, Thursday September 5th. Four home, four away.

Finals and Lower Finals Day. Friday September 6th at Green Park.

League Winners.

2015. Olive Park A 

2016. East Lancs

2017. Olive Park A

2018. Olive Park A

2019. Olive Park A

2020. Covid

2021. Olive Park A

2022. East Lancs

2023. Turton

Top Four Cup.



2017 Crown

2018 Whitehall

2019 Crown

2020 Covid

2021 East Lancs

2022 East Lancs

2023 Dugdale A

Lower Finals

2022 Dugdale A

2023 East Lancs


Team Contacts.

Dugdale A

Captain: Nick Earnshaw. Mob 07927914836. email:

Vice Captain. Pete Nicholson. Mob 0771 5336293. email:

Dugdale B

Captain. Terry Roebuck. Mob 0775 2315375. email:

Vice Captain. Nigel Smedley. Mob 07790 736213. email:

East Lancs

Captain. Jim Grogan. Tel 01254 664597. Mob 07967873362. email:

Vice Captain. Jim Swan. email:

Edgworth A

Captain. Andy Tighe. Mob 07947 812687. email: 

Vice Captain. Andy Warman. Mob O7482 628500 email:

Edgworth B

Captain. Kathleen Hadjinicolau. Tel 01204 302400. Mob 07769 622594

Vice Captain.

Green Park. 

Captain. Martin Thomas. Mob 07415 070376. email:

Vice Captain. Ian Parkinson. Mob 07886 552871.


Captain. Graham Cotton. Mob 07453 182975. email:

Vice Captain. Margaret Corden. Tel. 01254 706527. Mob 07570129080. email:

Olive Park A

Captain. Rick Riley. Tel 01254 402168. Mob 07913 896196. email:


Vice Captain.

Olive Park B

Captain. Norman Howarth. Mob 07442175124.

Vice Captain.

Turton A.

Captain. Dave Lowe. Mob 07891 602237. email:

Vice Captain.

Turton B.

Captain. Jim Sheffield. Tel 01204 852109. Mob 07484761551. email:

 Vice Captain


Captain. Bill McLean. Tel 01254 433299. Mob 07403 503467 email:

Vice Captain. Christine Schofield. Tel 01254 704403. Mob 07982 121648. email: