Altrincham Ladies Bowling League

League Rules

The league shall be managed by one representative from each team and chairman, secretary, assistant secretary, fixture secretary, treasurer and assistant treasurer.

A club which cannot fulfil its obligation to provide a secretary when required must withdraw from the league. Members of that club may not play for an alternative team for a further 12 months.

A resolution not passed one year cannot be put forward the following year. Proposals for the AGM must be submitted before or at the September committee meeting.

Only playing registered members may vote at the AGM

The secretary shall call a special meeting at the request of the majority of the clubs comprising the league

Clubs to pay an affiliation fee of £1.50 for each team registered, payable in January.

Levy of 20p per person playing in each league match.

All league fixtures to be arranged by the team running the league, to be ratified by the management committee.

Draw for league matches to take place at 1.30pm for a 1.45pm start. Games to be 21 up, the match scored on a points aggregate system. If two teams tie for the championship, the team with the most wins is the winner.

Team to comprise 8 players, with one permitted to play twice if short. All 7 cards to be included in the draw.

There shall be no practice for either team on league match days on the green to be used.

Reserves may be called on to play only if a drawn player is absent

Children aged 14-16 may mark cards under supervision.

Visiting teams to start with the jack

All players should attend If weather inclement, before rearranging the match. Dates for rearranged matches to be submitted to the fixture secretary within 14 days of the original date. May be played up to 7 days after the end of the season if no sooner date can be agreed. Split dates are allowed if all else fails. Should a match started be abandoned due to weather conditions, games completed to stand, the remaining games to be completed by arrangement, starting from where the last end finished. Substitutes may only be used for games not begun.

Not less than 4 jacks shall be placed on the green at the start of the match, with at least 3 maintained throughout.

To qualify for the league average prize, a player must have played at least 75% of the games

Only registered league members are eligible to play in league competitions. Ex members may play in the opening and closing foursomes.

2 greens to be nominated for individual league competitions on consecutive weeks. If 16 or less entries, the competition will be completed on the first day, otherwise play down to 8 for the final day. In exceptional circumstances, the second week may still be used for the last 4, so players must be available for both weeks before entering.

The strike out time for competitions to be 11am, the draw to take place by 11.15

5 minutes practice allowed in league competitions for a player with a bye if meeting a player who has already had a game.

To be eligible for the Consolation trophy a player must have played in 6 league games and have a minus average, or have played in 2 cup competitions and not won any prize money.

Players who do not turn up after qualifying for the last 8 of a competition will have their prize money donated to charity.

Entrants who withdraw from a competition after the draw has been made on the day of the competition will be banned from playing in that competition the following year

It is not permitted to practise opponents green within 48 hours of a match, except in genuine competition.

Graded prize money at the end of the season to be paid down to the 5th place in the league

All games will be played according to British Crown Green rules