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Welcome to the Altrincham Ladies Bowling League. Establised over 80 years ago, we are a very active league, with twelve teams playing on Wednesday afternoons. We also have four individual and one pairs competition, and a lively foursome event at the start and close of each season. For further information, please contact secretary

Helen Booth of Worthington Park


Program for 2021

Program for 2021

Hello Ladies

As you probably know by now, we plan to run just half a season this year, starting on June 23rd.. The fixtures are basically as your fixture book 2020, but there are some alterations so please check the website for changes. The main change is that Hale Moss will be playing at Budenberg this year, as the green at Stamford Park is not fit to play. This has meant swopping places between Budenberg and Quarry Bank to avoid clashes. It might be an idea to get your players to note this in their books to remind them. The only other difference is that ABL cannot raise a team, so that will be your open date.

 The committee will be meeting to discuss other issues, so please watch this space for further information.

20th May 

The elected committee met yesterday to discuss procedures for this season, as meetings are at present limited to 6 people. Helen will be messaging with the main decisions, but here are some safety recommendations.

By the time we start bowling, most legal restrictions will have been dropped, but it is suggested that we still take extra precautions by sanitising hands before and after a game. Likewise any shared equipment. Be sensitive to those who still wish to maintain a distance and would prefer not to shake hands. You may still wish to wear face coverings if gathered indoors or in close proximity, when raining for example .

Providing refreshments is optional, and should only be done if you feel you have the facilities to do this safely. Please inform the visiting team if you are unable to do this, so they may bring their own drinks. Also they should be informed if your club has any specific rules of their own.

The main point we are trying to make is use your common sense, stay safe, and enjoy the bowling. And a reminder to check the website for the changes to the fixtures.







(Friday 16 April 2021)