Alderley Edge and District Bowling Association

The results service for crown green bowling in the Alderley Edge area

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The Association runs 4 Sections.     Gents with 35 teams in 3 divisions, Ladies with 30 in 3 divisions, Mixed 44 in 4 divisions and Veterans with 33 in 3 divisions. Over 40 different Clubs have membership of the Association.

The Gents (Mon) and Ladies (Wed) play in the evenings with 10 players and Mixed (Thurs) and Vets (Fri) play in the afternoons with 8 Players.

The league is open to Clubs within a twelve mile radius of Alderley Edge. The league is extremely proud of the green standards in the league. 

The league is run from day to day by its management committee:

See the Green finder for a list of clubs and links to maps showing where they are.

  • President: Kevin Wilson
  • Vice-President: Phil Oldham
  • Secretary: Steve Fletcher
  • Treasurer: Pat Dean
  • Match secretary: Janice Wilson (L), Kevin Wilson (G & M), Chris Banfield (V)
  • Competition secretary: Sheila Broadhurst (L), Vacant (G, M & V)

Parking at Parkside

Parking at The Crown

Season 2021

Result and Knock out Sheets

Parking at Parkside

Construction workers who are currently building the new Christies hospital, are using the car park during working hours. 

 If there are no parking spaces during the day. Please park in between the trees or if the Parkside captain has opened the gate, drive in and park next to the green.

(Thursday 22 July 2021)

Parking at The Crown

There is a new parking system in operation 
Please regster your car reg in the pub - Free
To avoid a fine.
Car sharing is NOW permitted.

(Sunday 16 May 2021)

Season 2021

This year there will be no pre-registrations. Players names will be added as they play. The players in a team will be added to every time a different player plays throughout the whole season. It will be up to each Captain to keep their own records for their team.

League Rule 3  - This will not be adhered to this season, registrations will be accepted anytime during the season.

The idea is that all missing registrations will be picked up at the start of the 2022 season when the new season registrations sheets are given out at the January AGM (if we have one)

A new result sheet is available to download with the correct address of the match secretaries.


With the new temporary rules for playing players short.

A draw will take place before the main draw to select the players who are to play twice. The team which is short of players will place ALL their players score cards, even if a player has not arrived, face down for the opposing captain to select players to play twice to make up the correct number.

Gents and Ladies can draw out 3 players and Mixed and Vets can draw out 2 players.

In the mixed, the rule about playing two Ladies or two Gents could be difficult by drawing out. In the true spirit of the game, please try to adhere to the rules but if not possible then play whoever you can (following above).

The draw will then be done as normal.

These players who are playing twice, will then have to play in the first four games and play their second game in the last four. The game which is played second should be marked accordingly with (2) after their name on the result sheet.

ALL players should go into the pre-draw, if somebody is late and cannot play the first game then the game is forfeited.

Similarly, if somebody cannot play the second game then the game is forfeited.

Every time a team draws out, a penalty of 5 chalks per match will be deducted (home team) and 3 chalks (away team).

The penalty will be applied after the match is finished.

The opponent of a player who has already played may have 4 ends practice.

This will apply to all sections and all teams, with no limit to the number of times it can be used throughout the season.

Because many teams have dropped out this season, the divisions will need reorganising for 2022. Finishing positions in 2021 will be used to achieve this.



The following applies to outdoor Crown Green bowls :

Car sharing is not permitted.

Spectators are not permitted in any outdoor bowls club, except on council parks.

Outdoor hospitality can open in accordance with the government guidance on hospitality settings.

Format of Play

Players must follow social gathering limits before and after the activity.

Before a game commences each player should sanitise their hands, the mat and jack and again when the game is finished.

No shaking of hands

No handling of opponent’s woods.

No sharing of pens allowed.

Hands should be sanitised before using communal facilities. These communal fixtures should then be wiped down by the Home Team after the match has finished ready for the next people using the facility.

If measures are needed then the people doing the measuring should sanitise their hands and measures before going on the green.

(Thursday 15 April 2021)

Result and Knock out Sheets

The Result and Knock out sheets can be downloaded from the links above and printed out.

One Knock out sheet for all sections.

Feel free to download as required.

(Saturday 29 February 2020)