Stockport Metro Indoor Bowling League


Welcome to the web site of the Stockport Metro Indoor Bowling League.

Our aim is to promote the game of Short Mat Bowls in Stockport and Surrounding Areas. Playing Under the governing body of E.S.M.B.A.

We have approximately 600 Members playing at 46 Teams in 4 Divisions, at 25 Clubs throughout Stockport and Surrounding Areas.

Our home venue is:

Ladybridge Park Residents Club
Edenbridge Road
Cheadle Hulme

Stockport Winners of NESMBA League

Bill Burn wins NESMBA Singles Competition

Competition Honours Board 2015-2016

SMIBL Triples Competition

St Albans Secretary

NESMBA Competitions



Stockport Metro ICC Team

New Venue for Bents Lane

Stockport Singles Draw

Stockport Triples Draw

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Stockport Winners of NESMBA League



(Monday 28 March 2016)

Bill Burn wins NESMBA Singles Competition


(Monday 28 March 2016)

Competition Honours Board 2015-2016

Singles Championship

Winner:           Mike Clancy

Runner Up:       Bernard Fennell

Semi Finalists:  Daniel Sands,  Mark McHugh

Pairs Championship

Winners:           Bill Burn & Mike Clancy

Runners Up:      David Read & Martin Ogiliev

Semi Finalists:   Bent Nielsen & John Pajak,    Liam Smith & Rebecca Smith

Triples Championship

Winners:            Bill Burn, Mike Clancy & Ben Holbrook

Runners Up:       Darren Mather, Mark McHugh & Dennis Hinks

Semi Finalists:    Mona Statham, Louise Smith & Adam Smith,    David Read, Ray Whalley & Martin Ogiliev


1st & 2nd Division Knockout Cup

Winners:             Woodley Sports A

Runners Up:        Woodbank

Semi Finalists:     Cherrytree,      Poynton Sports B

3rd & 4th Division Knockout Cup

Winners:              Houldsworth WMC

Runners Up:         Wythenshawe C

Semi Finalists:      Wythenshawe B,         Heald Green C

(Monday 08 February 2016)

SMIBL Triples Competition

The following triples are entered for this years event being staged at the Ladybridge Centre on Sunday 24th January 2016, please be available to sign in from 9:15am, official start time 9:30am.

More ENTRIES would be welcome, please send your entries by phone, text or email or carrier pigeon to John Pajak. His email address is:  please note that his mobile number is 0747 633 4404 not as per the handbook

 1.  M. Shaw,  D. Shaw,  B. Nielsen

 2.  A. Bebbington,  E. Davies,  L. O'Donnell

 3.  D. Mather,  M. McHugh,  D. Hinks

 4.  P. Moores,  R. Moores,  M. Lappin

 5.  L. Smith,  R. Smith,  C. Hinks

 6.  D. Lloyd,  M. Mather,  H. Moore

 7.  M. Clancy,  L. Clancy,  B. Burn

 8.  G. Knowles,  L. Wilde,  J. Pajak

 9.  P. Pickup,  M. Holdsworth,  R. Akroyd

10.  D. Wilson,  P. Oliver,  A. Housley

11.  D. Sands,  J. Crowther,  Cl. Crowther

12.  P. Creasey,  A. Steadman,  R. Steadman

13.  W. Thompson,  B. Thompson,  G. Griffiths

14.  D. Read,  M. Ogiliev,  R. Whalley

15.  A. Smith,  L. Smith,  M Statham

16.  B. Fennell, L. Fennell,  D. Bates

17.  C Allcock, S. Smith,  B Thorley

18.  L. Statham, D. Reece, S. Grundy

The official closing date is Monday 18th January and entries received after this date will only be considered if they can be accommodated into the Draw which will be done at the Woodley A v Bramhall Village A league match on Wednesday 20th January at Woodley Sports.

If there are any omissions from the above list of entries received please let John know.

Finally just an appeal for donations of any raffle prizes, the proceeds of which help to defray the costs of the event and add a little merriment to the proceedings.

Hope to see some additional entries to the above.

PLEASE NOTE. From approx. 12 noon bacon butties can be purchased, order with the Ladybridge Centre catering.

Yours in indoor bowls.     John Pajak

(Tuesday 05 January 2016)

St Albans Secretary

Tony Holdsworth is no longer secretary for St Albans.

Liam Smith has taken on the role for the rest of this season.

If you need to contact St Albans,  Liam is on 07807625146  or email

(Monday 30 November 2015)

NESMBA Competitions

Results of the Stockport Metro games ( Northern Zone)

24th Oct 2015   Stockport        28 - shots (208)     Humberside B   12 - shots (141)

25th Oct 2015   Derbyshire      19 - shots (169)     Stockport         21 - shots (169)

29th Nov 2015  Humberside B    8 - shots (149)     Stockport         32 - shots (204)

 6th Dec 2015   Stockport         32 - shots (214)     Derbyshire         8 - shots (136)

13th Dec 2015   Staffordshire    14 - shots (159)     Stockport         26 - shots (191)

 3rd Jan 2016    West Yorksire    26 - shots (197)     Stockport         14 - shots (157)

 9th Jan 2016    Stockport          25 - shots (203)     West Yorkshire  15 - shots (148)

17th Jan 2016  Humberside A   23 - shots (157)      Stockport           17 - shots (167)

23th Jan 2016   Stockport        24 - shots (219)      Staffordshire      16 - shots (161)

  6th Feb 2016  Stockport        36 - shots (221)      Humberside A       4 - shots (116)

(Saturday 21 November 2015)


The draw for the pairs competition to be held at the Ladybridge Centre on Sunday 15th November 2015 starting at 9:30 am is:

Group 1                                                              Group 2

D. Wilson & A. Housley                                         C. Bates & D. Allcock

D. Hinks & C. Hinks                                              J. Lax & Cl. Crowther

D. Roberts & S. Roberts                                        R. Akroyd & P. Hinks

B. Thompson & W. Thompson                               D. Mather & M. McHugh


Group 3                                                               Group 4

A. Steadman & R. Steadman                                  S. Gaw & V. Gaw

L. Smith & R. Smith                                               D. Read & M. Ogiliev

D. Shaw & M. Shaw                                                B. Fennell & L. Fennell

B. Nielsen & J. Pajak                                               C. Allcock & S. Smith


Group 5

M. Clancy & B. Burn

D. Sands & D. Heatley

Chr. Crowther & J. Crowther

D. Lloyd & M. Mather


The DRAW was made by Mr C. Allcock and Mr D. Sands at the GMSSC on Thursday 12th November.

The groups will be allocated a mat location BY DRAW made prior to the start and will play all their games on the same mat until the conclusion of the Group Stages.

John is hoping to hold a prize raffle and to this effect is hoping that any players or supporters might care to donate a prize or two. Thanking you in anticipation.

(Friday 13 November 2015)


SMIBL Pairs to be held at the Ladybridge Centre on Sunday 15th November 2015 starting at 9:30 am.

The following pairs have entered.

M & D Shaw

A & R Steadman

D Mather & M McHugh

B Nielson & J Pajak

J & Chr Crowther

Cl Crowther & J Lax

R & L Smith

D Heatley & D Sands

B & W Thompson

D Wilson & A Housley

C & D Hinks

P Hinks & R Akroyd

M Clancy & B Burn

D Read & M Ogiliev

C Allcock & Shirley Smith

D & S Roberts

C Bates & D Allcock

D Lloyd & M Mather

B & L Fennell

S & V Gaw

N.B.  Official closing date is Monday 9th November 2015.  Any further entries ideally with fees would still be welcome, please text or email John Pajak, with a contact number to enable a confirmation to be sent. Entries received after the closing date will only be considered if they compliment the draw which will be done at the Woodbank vs Woodley A match on Thursday 12th November at Great Moor.

Mobile number:  07476334404               Email:

(Wednesday 04 November 2015)

Stockport Metro ICC Team

Results for the Stockport Metro ICC Team

4th  Oct     North Yorkshire    25       Stockport Metro    15

8th   Nov   Cheshire               33       Stockport Metro    07

13th Dec    Stockport Metro    08       Cheshire              32

20th Dec    Stockport Metro    12       North Yorkshire    28

(Thursday 29 October 2015)

New Venue for Bents Lane

Due to uncertenty of Bents Lane Club the bowling team have moved to a new venue. It is only round the corner from the club. The address is:

St Marks Church Hall, Redhouse Lane, Bredbury, SK6 1BX

For this season most of the home fixtures will be on a Tuesday with about 4 B team games on a Monday.

(Wednesday 23 September 2015)

Stockport Singles Draw

The Stockport Singles Competition

Saturday, 17th January 2015


NEW VENUE IS ... St Albans, Parish Hall on Offerton Lane, OFFERTON.



 Refreshments will be available from St Albans team members at very reasonable prices or if youwant to bring your own feel free to do so. No offence will be taken.

I'm advised that beside the usual tea and coffee beverages that there will be bacon and sausage barms plus hot home made soup and rolls. The only restriction is definitely no eating in the bowls hall.

REQUEST FOR RAFFLE PRIZES. All donations for the raffle would be extremely welcome and add some light heartedness to the day.

Let's all have a super brilliant day.

See you all on Saturday.

The draw was made at Woodley Sports by June Crowther and Darren Lloyd.

Group 1

M Davies

Chris Crowther

D Sands

B Neilson

Group 2

A Smith

B Fennell

Clint Crowther

P Roberts

Group 3

L Fennell

D Read

S Roberts

A Pattison

Group 4

B Burn

L Smith

M Clancy

A Bebbington

Group 5

D Wilson

Sheila Wilson

B Thorley

M Shaw

Group 6

D Hinks

C Allcock

Stephen Wilson

R Smith


The current holder of the Single competition is Mike Clancy. 

John Pajak has the trophy to bring to the competition on Saturday

(Wednesday 14 January 2015)

Stockport Triples Draw

Group 1

L Smith       St Albans

D Bates       GMSS

M Shaw       Woodley

D Lloyd       St Albans

Group 2

D Hinks       St Albans

S Leigh        St Albans

D Wilson      Park Lane

C Allcock      Cherrytree

Group 3

M Clancy      Hazel Grove

R Akroyd      St Albans

B Chadwick   Brinnington

P Moores       Morley Green

Group 4

D Roberts      St Albans

D Davies        GMSS

G Griffiths      Woodley

P Creasey       St Albans


The draw was made by Mrs June Crowther and Mr Daniel Sands.

If there are any teams that have been missed off the draw please notify John Pajak as soo as possible.

The current holders of the trophy are: Mark McHugh, Darren Mather and Dennis Hinks ....... please remember to bring back the trophy. Thank you.

John Pajak

(Thursday 08 January 2015)

League Sponsors

J L S  C o m p u t e r  S e r v i c e s

County Carpets & Designer Floors

Irving Cummings

Premier Bowls


Accolade Trophies

Techniheat Plant Services Ltd.


(Sunday 24 November 2013)