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Welcome to the web site of the Stockport Metro Indoor Bowling League.

Our aim is to promote the game of Short Mat Bowls in Stockport and Surrounding Areas. Playing Under the governing body of E.S.M.B.A.

We have approximately 600 Members playing at 50 Teams in 5 Divisions, at 26 Clubs throughout Stockport and Surrounding Areas.

Our home venue is:

Ladybridge Park Residents Club
Edenbridge Road
Cheadle Hulme

Stockport Winners of NESMBA League 2015-16

Bill Burn wins NESMBA Singles Competition



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Stockport Winners of NESMBA League 2015-16



(Thursday 08 December 2016)

Bill Burn wins NESMBA Singles Competition


(Thursday 08 December 2016)


There were some extremely competitive group stage games and last years champions  Bill Burn and Mike Clancy once again looked in fine form taking pole position in their group by winning all four games.  The tightest group proved to be group 2 where three pairs each won two games and were tied on four points. The Bates and Allcock pairing lost out on second place on a negative shots aggregate.  The Crowther / Sands combination clinched pole position with a convincing 24#0 win in their final game.
It was great to see some new players this year :  U. Brewell, I. Lawther, M. Hannibal, L. Whiteley, J. Barnard and J. Young and also to witness the young Steadman brothers, Aaron and Ryan, qualifying as runners up spot in their group. 
With five pairs from Woodley in the last eight they were guaranteed two semi final places but still some hard games to come to reach the final. The quarter final line up and scores were as fllws:

Mark McHugh / Dennis Hinks  won  8#4 June & Chris Crowther
Bent Nielsen / John Pajak  won  11#5  Win & Bob Thompson
Bill Burn /Mike Clancy  won  16#5  Aaron & Ryan Steadman
Clint Crowther / Daniel Sands  won 10#6  Dorothy & Mike Shaw

Semi Final
McHugh & Hinks  won 9#4 Nielsen & Pajak
Crowther & Sands won 11#3 Burn & Clancy

Crowther & Sands won 9#6 McHugh & Hinks

A cautious start to the final between St. Albans and Woodley representatives, Mark and Dennis ahead 2#1 after two ends then a bruising four give the Woodley pair a good points cushion. After three more closely contested ends Clint and Daniel lead the way with an 8#3 scoreline. Mark and Dennis decide to switch ends at this point and score three successive singles to bring them back into contention at 6#8, however all the players miss a strike bowl over the fender by Daniel which would have levelled the match at 8#8 at the penultimate  end. To be fair not many of the spectators saw it either. Clint and Daniel secure a single on the last end to give them a 9#6 victory and the coveted title.

Congratulations to Clint Crowther and Daniel Sands 2016-17 Pairs Champions


(Thursday 08 December 2016)


After some discussion and much deliberation I have decided to amend the draw to enable a fairer and simpler qualifying format by reducing the number of groups to FOUR. Therefore each group winner and runner up will qualify for the quarter finals.

The draw revision was made by Mr Jack Pickering with Mr Bernard Fennell and myself, John Pajak, in attendance at the Woodbank vs Woodley B indoor league match on 17/11/16.

Group 1 on Mat2

June Crowther & Chris Crowther

David Heatley & John Young

Lee Whitely & Mike Hannibal

Arron Steadman & Ryan Steadman

Group 2 on Mat 4

Colin Allcock & David Bates

Dave Wilson & Andy Housley

Daniel Sands & Clint Crowther

Bent Nielsen & John Pajak

Group 3 on Mat 1

David Roberts & Steven Roberts

Darren Mather & John Barnard

Win Thompson & Bob Thompson

Dorothy Shaw & Mike Shaw

Group 4 on Mat 3

Bill Burn & Mike Clancy

Lesley Fennell & Bernard Fennell

Ursula Brewell & Ian Lawther

Darren Lloyd & Liam Smith

Mark McHugh & Dennis Hinks

The 3 groups of 4 will play 3 games of 10 ends.

The single group of 5 will play 4 games of 7 ends

The scoring system will be 2 points for a win and 1 point for a draw across all four groups.

Hopefully this revised draw will meet with everyone's approval and prove  to be much simpler to run and administer.

Start of play is scheduled for 9:30am and the group games will commence asap after the mats have been put down. Please plan to arrive for 9:15am to Register and some help to put the mats down would be appreciated.

The event is a little time sensitive as we have to vacate the venue for 4:30pm. To this end would you all please be ready to go onto your designated mat as the preceding game is about to finish.

We hope to promote a decent raffle so your contribution of any prizes would be greatly appreciated.


(Thursday 17 November 2016)

Competition Secretaries Contact Number

Unfortunately the mobile number for the Competition Secretary, John Pajak, is incorrect in the handbook 2016-17.

Please make a note of his correct number:  07476334404

(Tuesday 25 October 2016)

SMIBL Singles Competition

After the Group Matches the draw and results for the last eight qualifiers was as follows:

Peter Roberts    7   11   David Read

Bill Burn          10   11   Steve Proctor

Keith Lackford    8    7   Adam Smith

Clint Cowther     7   10   Bent Nielsen

Semi Finals

David Read         1   20   Steve Proctor

Keith Lackford     6   12   Bent Nielsen


Steve Proctor      13   8   Bent Nielsen

The tale of the final which was by no means a one sided affair.

Steve opened the scoring with a good four and Bent responded with a three, his fourth wood just falling short to make an equally good four. Of the next five closely contested ends Bent won four of them and went into an 8:6 lead. Steve levelled up on the eighth end to make it 8:8:8 and then gained a decisive three taking out Bent's counting wood on the penultimate end. On the last end Steve led a decent wood and Bent went on the attack but unfortunately ditched both of his two lead bowls in an effort to tie the match. With two of Steve's woods on the mat Bent conceded the game.

Congratulations to Steve Proctor 2016-17 Singles Champion.

(Tuesday 25 October 2016)

Errors in Handbook 2016-2017

Park Lane (division 4) and Cale Green (division 5) play on a Tuesday evening.    Page 14

Poynton C (division 5) play on a Wednesday evening.     Page 15

Division 4 - Smithy Green B v Wythenshawe C on Sunday 11 December and NOT the 13th as printed on page 39


Captains List

Hazel Grove A   Mike Clancy  07443 432331

(Wednesday 28 September 2016)

Stockport Metro Team Fixture Dates

Northern Zone

8th October        Away     North Yorkshire    4 (shots 108)   Stockport Metro 36 (shots 237)

6th November     Home    Stockport Metro  25 (shots 222)   Derbyshire        15 (shots 131)

19th November   Home    Stockport Metro  36 (shots 253)   North Yorkshire   4 (shots 119)

4th December     Away     West Yorkshire    23 (shots 180)   Stockport Metro 17 (shots 192)

18th December    Home    West Yorkshire

8th January         Away     Derbyshire

22nd January       Away     Staffordshire

12th  March         Home     Staffordshire



25th September   Home    Stockport Metro    2 (shots 134)    North Yorkshire   38 (shots 238) 

 9th  October       Home     Stockport Metro  10 (shots 154)   Cheshire             30 (shots 240)

16th October        Home    Stockport Metro  28 (shots 223)   Shropshire          12 (shots 167)

30th October        Away     Cheshire            29 (shots 208)    Stockport Metro  11 (shots 155)

27th November     Away     Stockport Metro   3 (shots 132)    North Yorkshire   37 (shots 258)

10th December     Away     Shropshire

(Tuesday 27 September 2016)

Dates of SMIBL Competitions

Please note the dates in the handbook are incorrect for the Singles and Triples.

The Stockport Singles for the Presidents Trophy to be held on Sunday 23rd October 2016

The Stockport Pairs to be held on Sunday 20th November 2016 as in handbook.

The Stockport Triples Competition to be held on Sunday 15th January 2017.

Entries to Competition Secretary John Pajak mobile contact 07476334404

(Tuesday 27 September 2016)

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(Sunday 24 November 2013)