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Widnes Seniors Bowling League Constitution

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This is an abridged version of the Constitutional Rules which are available on the home site under 'Rules'


The Widnes Seniors Bowling League  consists  of men or women over the age of 55 who play in teams of eight bowlers. Each team plays each other home and away during a season and the league is separated into two divisions.

Management - The league will be managed by an elected committee consisting of Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer. The officers will be elected by all members at the Annual General Meeting in February. A Fixtures Meeting will be held before the start of the seasn where clubs will register, will pay their seasons fees and will receive the fixtures for the season. A half Yearly Meeting will take place in October to award prizes to the winners and runners up in each division and the winners of any competitions played. If required an Extraordinary General Meeting can be called. The application must be in writing to the Secretary and signed by the representatives  of four or more clubs. The secretary shall give all clubs at least seven days notice of such a meeting indicating the purpose of the meeting. Only the subject of the application will be considered.

The Management committee wil Organise the leagues and other competitions efficiently, Award prizes consistent with League funds, Control league finances and authorise all expenditure, Adjudicate on all matters and disputes not covered by League rules.

Matches - A match consists of eight games to twenty one. Scores from each of the games are added up and the team with most points wins the match. If a team cannot field eight players the opposition claim the uncontested games 21-0  If a team does not show up the opposition claim the match 168-0 The result of the match is transmitted to the league secretary by the home captain as soon as possible. If a match is called called off due to bad weather or an unplayable green it must be called off with the consent of both captains or in the case of an unplayable green a decision by the greensman.  Away teams are not allowed on the green before the match but have first throw of the jack. If the match is on a neutral green then there will be a toss up to determine first use of the jack 

The league is split into two divisions and all matches are to be played on Thursday afternoon starting at 1.30pm. Matches or start times can be re-arranged with the constent of both captains and the league secretary notified of the re- arranged date. The fixtures are published on the website before the start of the season. Points are awarded for each match (two for a win, one for a draw and none for a loss) and the results are compiled into a league table to determine divisional position at the end of the season. At the end of each season one team is declared champions, the bottom team in division one is relegeted to division two and the top team in division two is promoted to division one. The league one champions will be handicapped by sixteen points per match in the subsequent season.

Match Rules - Each team will consist of eight players (male or female) over the age of fifty five at the start of the season. Players must have a BCGBA registration number and be registered with the league before the start of the season. Each player is allowed to play for one team only. Changes in team membership are allowed with the permission of the league up to the end of June. At the start of a match pairings for the first four games will be arranged by both captains and the second four games will be arranged during the interval. The Home team will supply four standard jacks for each game. Score cards are to be kept by both teams during the games and are to be cross checked every five ends. If there is a discrepancy  which cannot be resolved then the score will revert to the end where both cards last agreed. The scores, after having been agreed, will be transferred to a match sheet which will be signed by both captains and a copy sent by the home captain to the league secretary

Isherwood Cup - the Isherwood Cup is contested by all the teams in the League. It is a handicapped according to a teams position in the league at the start of the season - zero for the league winners, two for second place, four for third place and so on.  The team which won the cup the previous year will also be handicapped an additional eight points and the runner up four points. In the event of a tie the captains will nominate a player  from their respective teams and a further five up game played with a zero handicap for first division and a single point handicap for second division clubs. Games are to be played on a knockout basis on neutral greens.

Best Average - A prize will be awarded to the bowler with the best average in each division at the end of the season. 




29th March opening


Coronavirus and the Seniors League

BCGBA coronavirus guidelines


Fixtures Meeting

2020 fixtures


At the start of the new season all teams player records  are reset.

Will all team captains send me a list of players eligble for their team

(Tuesday 27 April 2021)


The new fixtures are on the site along with the revised leagues 

Subscriptions for the coming season will be kept at last years level  - £40 for Merseyside teams  £42 for Cheshire teams (incuding Merseyside surcharge)

Results reporting will stay the same, my preferred choice would be by text but any way will do

(Tuesday 20 April 2021)

29th March opening

The government have relaxed the restrictions surrounding bowls. They are much the same as before lock down

No more than six players on the green

Players to use own bowls, jacks, mats and measures

Equipment to be sanitised during and after play

Separation distance to be maintained where possible

Clubs must adhere to the Risk Assessment which was carried out last season

Face coverings are not compulsory 

The committee will meet to assess starting the league on  or before 12th April und will use the existing fixture list

(Tuesday 30 March 2021)


New instructions will be issued by the government about outdoor sports on 29th Mach. The information will be  publishedin this news letter as and when it becomes available and hopefully we will be ready to go when the ban on bowling is lifted

i have contacted all team captains and will keep you informed when more information is available


(Wednesday 24 March 2021)

Coronavirus and the Seniors League

Following the guidance from the BCGBA government the 2020 Widnes Seniors Bowling League is cancelled.

The proposed fixtures meeting is also cancelled. If things change during the summer and bowls is resumed the fixtures are in place and can be used for a truncated season.

(Tuesday 17 March 2020)

BCGBA coronavirus guidelines

The BCGBA have issued a set of guide lines on their website. They are monitoring the situation and will advise clubs as the situation develops.

(Sunday 15 March 2020)


It has been suggested that we suspend/cancel the 2020 season due to the Corona virus outbreak. This decision is not one that can be taken by the Management Committee alone and due to its importance I suggest that we discuss the problem at the fixtures meeting and if necessary vote on the subject

In the meantime I will find out as much information as I can

(Sunday 15 March 2020)

Fixtures Meeting

The Fixtures Meeting  will be held on Wednesday 8th April at 7.30pm in United Services Club, Prescot Rd, Widnes

Will all captains/secretaries please fetch their team registration forms and their subscriptions. 

(Tuesday 3 March 2020)

2020 fixtures

The fixtures for 2020 have been published on the website 

go to Tables

select division and the fixtures will appear next to the table


 view all your teams fixtures select your team in the table



(Monday 2 March 2020)