Wath and District Crown Green Bowling Association


The name of the association shall be The Wath and District Crown Green Bowling Association.

Any bona-fide Crown Green Bowling Club shall be eligible to become a member of the Association subject to the approval of the general committee. A club may resign its Membership by informing the Secretary in writing not later than 1st February or be liable for the Affiliation fee for that year.

The Officers of the Association shall be elected annually and shall consist of Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Secretary/Treasurer and Result Secretary. The General Committee shall consist of one voting representative from each club. The Committee shall appoint an executive Committee of not less than four Club Delegates to act with the Officers. The General Committee shall meet every second Tuesday in February, March, July and October.

At any General meeting four Clubs must be represented to form a quorum. Any Club not represented at such a Meeting shall be fined £5.

The Annual General meeting shall be held in the month of November, a report of the year’s working and financial statement shall be given. The election of Officials shall be undertaken. Any alterations to the Rules and any changes which have been proposed shall be discussed and voted on. Entries for League and Cup Competitions must be confirmed at the February meeting. No by-law shall be altered, rescinded or added to, except by a majority vote in favour of those present at the Annual General Meeting. Notice of any proposed alterations must be sent to the Secretary at least 28 days prior to the meeting and rules to be printed every 3 years and amendment sheets to be sent out in the interim.

A Special Meeting shall be held at any time at the written request of at least 3 Clubs stating the specific purpose of this Meeting.

All Competitions shall be subject to the Laws of the Game of Crown Green Bowls”, as approved by the British Crown Green ABA. and By-Laws of South Yorkshire County Crown Green Bowling Association.

A Player can only play with one Club in the same season in the Associations Competitions, unless an Application has been made for a transfer, such a transfer must be approved by the General Committee. No transfer will be allowed after the 30th June.

Each Club must register Players 7 days before the first match of the season. Only Registered Players shall be eligible to play in any Competition controlled by the Association. Further registrations must be in the hand of the Secretary at least 7 days before a Player becomes eligible to participate an any Competition.

The Constitution of the League shall be determined by the General Committee. If a player has played more than 50% of matches for a team he/she his tied to that team.

League Matches shall be played on the dates arranged by the General Committee commencing at 6.30pm midweek, 1.30pm open League and except for April and September where they will commence at 6.00pm, and 1.30 pm Open League, unless otherwise arranged. When two Teams in the same league from the same club the ‘A’ and ‘B’ Teams play home and away in the first half of the season.

In the event of two teams not being present at the prompt start the Captains shall draw as many pairs as are present, the outstanding players shall be paired, any player not present when called 1 hour after commencement time of the match may be replaced by a qualified reserve. Failure to meet the call forfeits the game 0-21.

No More than four sets of single players and two sets of doubles players shall play on the green at any one time, except by mutual agreement of the Captains.

In the event of any match being unfinished through rain or any other cause which neither club has control and if mutual decision cannot be agreed the Home Captain to make the final decision in this event. Games completed shall stand and games unfinished shall be recommenced where they left off and the same players must play as drawn and must be played within 14 days.

All games shall be played 21 up. Scoring in Monday Doubles shall be aggregated scoring. Scoring in single League Matches shall be one point per winner, 2 points for the Team winning a home aggregate, 3 points for a learn winning an Away Aggregate. In the event of a drawn match the home team shall score I point and the away team 2 points. In the event of two teams with the same amount of points at the end of the fixtures the best aggregate shall win the league.

The Secretary of the Home Club must forward the completed score sheet of all league matches counter signed by both Captains of both clubs, to the Result Secretary within 14 days following the match, these should show the actual scores of each player. All absences forfeit 21-0. Any violation of this will be dealt with by the General committee. In the event of the score sheet not being sent in, or incomplete or incorrect a fine of £2 will be imposed.

Standard Jacks as specified by British Crown Green Bowling Association regulations will be used in all Competitions. In league matches the visiting players shall have first cast. On neutral greens first cast is decided by the toss of a coin.

Scorers shall check after every third end in the event of a dispute the game shall be stopped until an agreement is reached, if an agreement cannot be reached the cards shall be amended to the last corresponding score and the game shall resume.

Knock out team competitions shall be open only to clubs who register in the respective league:


Finances to be adjusted each year at the Annual General Meeting.

No practice shall be allowed upon a green by visiting players before a match. Where neutral greens are used for Cup Matches, no practice shall be allowed on this green 7 days prior to the match

Where a club fails to keep a league or cup date, this shall be referred to the Executive Committee. If a satisfactory explanation is given the Match can be mutually arranged, or in the case of a dispute it will be fixed be the Executive Committee, otherwise the defaulting club forfeits the match and will be fined 5 points and £5 in a single league, and 40 points and £5 in a doubles league match or expulsion from the competition in the event of the match being a cup match.

Any objections must be forwarded in writing to the Association Secretary within 5 days along with deposit of £5. This shall be forfeited if the General Committee consider this frivolous or groundless and returned if the objection is sustained.

Knockout or Cup Competition matches shall be played on neutral greens fixed by the General Committee. The Club, upon whose Green is selected is requested to appoint a Referee, who will also countersign the match sheet. The match sheet must be sent to the Associations Result Secretary by the winning Captain immediately after the match. Should a neutral green be unfit for play a responsible Official of the staging Club should inform the competing teams as early as possible.

Any club who have been chosen to host a neutral green match and fail to leave the necessary equipment available for playing the match shall be fined £10 to reimburse the traveling costs. In the event of the host club not having anyone available to referee the match both competing clubs shall be told of this and told where the equipment will be left and both competing clubs shall be responsible for the safe return.

Any match which is cancelled for any reason, the club that cancels must agree to another date within 7 days after the original date and to be played within 21 days of the original date. When a match has been cancelled or a team does not turn up etc... the Results Secretary must be informed through the club Secretary only, by telephone within 24 hours, and than by letter. Clubs failing to keep to this rule will be fined £5.

Swearing or objectionable language by players or spectators on or around the green is strictly forbidden, breaches of this rule shall be reported to, and dealt with by the Committee and may involve a fine, or caution or suspension.

Where Times Cup, Wath Shield, K.O. Doubles and Open Cup matches end in a draw the number of winners shall determine the result if still a draw the highest winner etc.

In cup matches greens should be cleared immediately on the arrival of the teams.

The Competition Trophies will be presented to the winning clubs at the annual presentation. Clubs must give an assurance for their security and return it as soon as requested by the Association Secretary.

No planned league matches on Bank Holidays but rearranged matches may be held by mutual agreement.

Each Club to take three new Rule Books at each Revision Year, price to be decided at that Annual General Meeting.

Each Club to purchase one presentation night ticket each year.

Any club who fails to turn up and collect their winnings at the Annual Presentation Night forfeits the money and the money goes back into the Association Accounts, unless a reasonable excuse can be given to the General Committee.

Any monies outstanding after the 30th October each year will be liable to a £5 penalty fine.

All Cup matches to take priority over league matches, rearranged league matches must adhere to Rule 26.

Any new team wishing to join will have all its team vetted by the Executive Committee, and then placed in the appropriate division.

Any league must comprise six teams to be competitive unless the Annual General Meeting determines there is a special case to run the league.

Any Individual competition with under eight entries the prize monies to be paid to winner and runner up only.

Any player in an Individual competition, the player must have played four league games in that season or the previous season to qualify for entry.

All Individual competitions to be played down to winner. Prize monies to be paid to last four subject to eight entries or over.

Any matter not provided for in these Rules shall be dealt with by the General Committee of the Association.

Should the Executive Committee by a majority, decide on grounds of expediency or otherwise, to dissolve the Association, it shall call a meeting of all member clubs giving 21 days notice. At this meeting , if a two thirds majority of those present and eligible to vote decide to dissolve the Association, the Executive Committee shall have the power to dispose of the assets of the Association after all liabilities and debts have been cleared. The beneficiaries of such assets shall be the member clubs or such charities as decided by a majority of the member clubs.