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Welcome to the web site of the Stockport & District Ladies Bowling League.

This section includes all results since 2010. For the league tables from 2005 to 2009 see the Stockport Bowls site (link at left).

S & D Ladies Evening Bowling League AGM



Withdrawal from League





S & D Ladies Evening Bowling League AGM

The Stockport and District Ladies Evening Bowling League are to hols the AGM on Monday 20th September, 7.30pm at the Stockport Cricket Club. Please do not arrive before 7.00pm as the building will not be open.

If any Club has any proposals to put forward for change of Rules then please submit them before the end of August.

The proposals will then be sent out to all the Clubs so they can be discussed with their Club members. At the AGM a vote will be taken to accept or reject the proposal, no discussion will take place as the AGM is to be kept as short as possible.

A new Secretary for the League is required so if anyone would like to be nominated please let me know along with proposer and seconder.

Contact details for proposals are:

Janice Wilson 07921 124462 or email

(Tuesday 24 August 2021)


The League at the moment is still 10 a side. However as the matches are friendly with no promotion or relegation then if a team can only raise a lower number then play those games, any 'surplus' players wanting a game could play each other.
Unfortunately Gatley B have withdrawn from the League for this year.
If players have decided not to play this season that is their choice based on their circumstances.
Hopefully next year players will be back and a full season can be arranged. So all team captains please check with your players and let the League know by January 31st 2022 if you are entering the 2022 season.
When the AGM can be organised a new League Secretary is needed, if a secretary is not appointed the League cannot continue.

(Sunday 18 July 2021)


To All Bowling Clubs Visiting Spring Gardens BC


You may, or may not, be aware that sometimes, when arriving at our green, the entrance barrier to the car park is closed.

The barrier is closed when the pub is shut,and only opened when the pub is open. The reason being that not only has fly-tipping  occurred but also break-ins and drug dealing in the car park, and quite rightly, the pub wishes to put a halt to that.

Unfortunately, the pub does not open as pubs used to prior to the pandemic lockdown. So, the pub may,or may not, be open when you visit our green. This means that the barrier may, or may not, be open.

If the barrier is closed, please park your vehicles on the adjacent public roads.  We apologise for this situation we find ourselves in, but feel sure you will understand and comply with our request.


Thanks to you all

Paul Keech

On behalf of the Spring Gardens Bowling Club 

(Sunday 18 July 2021)

Withdrawal from League

The George, playing at Romiley Arms, unfortunately have had to withdraw from Division B in the League for this year.

The website has been updated. 

(Wednesday 30 June 2021)


At a committee meeting on Monday evening it was decided that there will be a half season which will run from 5 July to 30 August, so hopefully all the restrictions will have been relaxed.

The other decisions reached were:

Matches to be on a 'friendly' basis which means there would be no promotion or relegation at the end of the season

The results of the matches would not be entered on the website, so no result sheets need to be sent in

Fixtures on the website to be used as those date do not clash with any other league

No registrations required this year due to playing 'friendly' matches. It is an ideal time to encourage new players to take part

No League fees to be paid this year

Guidelines will be issued nearer the start time as BCGBA guidelines may change as the restrictions are lifted

(Monday 29 March 2021)


Teams within the League are wanting new bowlers.

If anyone knows of any lady bowlers looking to play in the evening then please give them my number ( 07921124462) and I will let them know which clubs are looking for players.


Janice Wilson  S&D Registration Secretary

(Thursday 12 March 2020)



There seems to be some confusion over the ruling of footwear which is allowed on the green.
At the BCG Ladies AGM last November it was voted in to change the bye law regarding footwear.
The BCGBA at their AGM earlier this year they also amended the bye law regarding allowed footwear on the green.
The new bye law ruling is:
19 - 1 Suitable footwear must be worn. Hard or block-heeled footwear, sandals or other open-toed footwear must not be worn whilst on the green in any match played under the Association's jurisdiction.
There has been rumours that this bye law has been rescinded, this is incorrect. The bye law was only voted in at the last AGM and still stands for 'any match played under the Association's jurisdiction'.
The bye law also comes into force if any Club or League has included it in their Rules.
In the S&D Ladies Evening Bowling League the bye law is included in Match Rule 14 on Page 9. This means all players on a Monday Evening must comply with the bye law. If a player does not comply and wears incorrect footwear they will be asked to leave the green and forfeit the game unless they put on suitable footwear.
The S&D Ladies Evening Bowling League plays under the BCGBA  Rules.


(Monday 29 July 2019)


The Captain and an assistant from the Home and Away team should carry out the draw, no other player should have any involvement.

If one of the teams has only 9 or 8 players available then this should be declared before the draw is made.

The team which is short then allow the other team to draw out 1 or 2 cards to make the team up to 10.

If 9 players present, 6 players cards should be offered to draw out 1.

If 8 players present, 5 players cards should be offered to draw out 2. (This is according to Match Rule 3b on page 8 in Handbook.)

The 10 players score cards are handed to the opposing captain, the cards are the shuffled.

Each captain then places a card in a stack in turn, this pairs the players to determines which player plays which. (Match Rule 3d)

Once the names have been written on all the cards the Home team Captain then decides the order of play. The Away team Captain may request that one (or more) of her players be included in the first 5 players and hopefully the Home Captain will accommodate the request.

5 blocks to be used. If there has been 1 or 2 players drawn out then their opposition may have 4 practice ends, taking the block from the first and second game to finish.

If a player who has been drawn out to play twice decides not to play the second game, then the opposition will win 21-0 and 'walkover' be written as players name. No substitute player can be used when a team has drawn out. 


(Sunday 28 April 2019)