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Further Information Regarding the Footwear bye law





New League Bowlers

Further Information Regarding the Footwear bye law

I have received a letter from the Secretary of the British Crown Green Referees Society which applies to all Leagues as they are affiliated to BCGBA. I have copied the letter below:








Keith Andrews



Pat Crowther 


David Williams

6 Norwich Avenue




07899 688 182

Sunday, August 04, 2019

BCGBA Bye-law 19 – 1


“Suitable footwear must be worn Hard or block-heeled footwear, sandals or other open-toed footwear must not be worn whilst on the green in any match played under the Association’s jurisdiction.”


This bye-law applies to ALL matches, not just those organized directly by BCGBA.


Organisers of competitions, green managers, team captains and any other official responsible for matches, should prevent a player from commencing a match if they are not abiding by the byelaw.


It is hoped that players will see the benefits of doing so and, therefore, there will not be any need for officials to prevent them from commencing their match.


It is not a Law of the Game and, therefore, no punishment can be applied if a player is found not to be abiding by the byelaw during a game.


A player with a medical condition that means they must wear open-toed footwear/sandals can apply for a medical dispensation to allow them to do so. They should apply in writing, including a letter from their doctor/consultant explaining the reasons for requesting the dispensation. This written request should be sent to the BCGRS secretary David Williams.




(Sunday 04 August 2019)



There seems to be some confusion over the ruling of footwear which is allowed on the green.
At the BCG Ladies AGM last November it was voted in to change the bye law regarding footwear.
The BCGBA at their AGM earlier this year they also amended the bye law regarding allowed footwear on the green.
The new bye law ruling is:
19 - 1 Suitable footwear must be worn. Hard or block-heeled footwear, sandals or other open-toed footwear must not be worn whilst on the green in any match played under the Association's jurisdiction.
There has been rumours that this bye law has been rescinded, this is incorrect. The bye law was only voted in at the last AGM and still stands for 'any match played under the Association's jurisdiction'.
The bye law also comes into force if any Club or League has included it in their Rules.
In the S&D Ladies Evening Bowling League the bye law is included in Match Rule 14 on Page 9. This means all players on a Monday Evening must comply with the bye law. If a player does not comply and wears incorrect footwear they will be asked to leave the green and forfeit the game unless they put on suitable footwear.
The S&D Ladies Evening Bowling League plays under the BCGBA  Rules.


(Monday 29 July 2019)


The Captain and an assistant from the Home and Away team should carry out the draw, no other player should have any involvement.

If one of the teams has only 9 or 8 players available then this should be declared before the draw is made.

The team which is short then allow the other team to draw out 1 or 2 cards to make the team up to 10.

If 9 players present, 6 players cards should be offered to draw out 1.

If 8 players present, 5 players cards should be offered to draw out 2. (This is according to Match Rule 3b on page 8 in Handbook.)

The 10 players score cards are handed to the opposing captain, the cards are the shuffled.

Each captain then places a card in a stack in turn, this pairs the players to determines which player plays which. (Match Rule 3d)

Once the names have been written on all the cards the Home team Captain then decides the order of play. The Away team Captain may request that one (or more) of her players be included in the first 5 players and hopefully the Home Captain will accommodate the request.

5 blocks to be used. If there has been 1 or 2 players drawn out then their opposition may have 4 practice ends, taking the block from the first and second game to finish.

If a player who has been drawn out to play twice decides not to play the second game, then the opposition will win 21-0 and 'walkover' be written as players name. No substitute player can be used when a team has drawn out. 


(Sunday 28 April 2019)


League meetings will be held at Stockport Cricket Club, meetings to start at 7.30pm

Delegates Meeting                 Monday 14th October 2019

Annual General Meeting        Monday 20th January 2020

Registration Meeting              Monday 9th March 2020

 Presentation evening date, venue and time to be confirmed.


(Sunday 28 April 2019)


Torkington Park Ladies have withdrawn from the League.

Unfortunately they withdrew after the Handbook had gone to press so Division C is incorrect. All matches against Torkington Park Ladies will now be a free week.

(Friday 08 March 2019)

New League Bowlers

Teams within the League are wanting new bowlers.

If anyone knows of any lady bowlers looking for a club please give them my number (0161 282 7659 or 07921124462) and I will club contacts desperate for players.


Janice Wilson  S&D Registration Secretary

(Sunday 21 May 2017)