St Helens and District Men’s Bowling League


The League shall be called the “St. Helens and District Men’s Bowling League”

The League shall be affiliated to the Merseyside County Crown Green Bowling Association

The League shall consist of clubs in the St. Helens District within a radius of 10 miles from St. Helens Town Hall. Clubs to consist of no less than 24 members and honorary members elected by the Annual General Meeting.

The objectives of the League shall be:-

To further the interests of bowling generally

To promote League Competitions and Cup Competitions amongst the clubs in the League.

The Annual General Meeting shall be held on the second or third Wednesday in January, when the election of officers and business of the ensuing season shall be dealt with.

The Treasurer shall submit and audited account of all monies for the year.

A printed balance sheet will be presented to each club at the AGM.

A notice calling the AGM will be issued to each club at the Prize Presentation Meeting held at the end of the previous season.

When mandatory meetings are called, all clubs must attend, (no excuses). Failure to attend such a meeting will result in the absent club being fined £5.00. At such meetings Executive Committee members cannot represent their own club.

At the AGM in January the club representatives (2 votes per club) shall elect a Chairman, Secretary, Reports and Fixture Secretary and Treasurer. These officers together with other elected members shall form the Executive Committee, of whom five shall form a quorum, which shall transact the business of the League during the year, The Executive shall have the power to fill any vacancy that may occur. Executive members who fail to attend three consecutive meetings, without good reason, will be deemed resigned.

All applications for membership must be made by the 14th February. Applications from new clubs should be accompanied by an entrance fee of £10, £9 of which shall count as part payment of the Annual League Subscription. All applications shall clearly state the name and address of the club, green and secretary. In the first year of membership new clubs shall have no voice or vote at meetings.

All applications are subject to the approval of the Executive Committee. Clubs with more than one green must state green they intend to play on.

The annual subscription to the League shall be decided by the Executive Committee. This entitles each team to be entered into the League Competitions and also any cup competitions the League decides to hold.

Added to the League Fees shall be the cost of Handbooks (at least 12 per team) if applicable

A charge of 20 pence per registered player will also be made

League fees must be paid in full by 30th April of the current Season. Late payments will attract a fine of £5 per month until the payment is made and the following year’s League must be paid in advance.

The AGM shall have the power to elect Vice Presidents and Life Members in recognition of their services to the game. The annual minimum subscription for Vice Presidents is £1. Vice Presidents and Life Members may attend all meetings without voting powers.

Any three clubs may send a requisition to the Secretary to call a meeting of the Executive Committee. Such requisitions shall state the nature of the business to be brought forward and shall be placed before the Executive Committee, who if they deem it of sufficient importance shall instruct the Secretary to call a Special General Meeting. The notice to call the meeting shall state the nature of the business and confirm that no other business shall be transacted.

The Secretary shall keep a record of all business transacted at General and Executive meetings.

The Code of Rules laid down by the League shall be binding on all clubs.

No alteration, deletion or addition to the Constitution or Rules for the League or Cup Competitions shall be made except at the AGM (or at an Extraordinary Meeting as defined in Rule 11). Notice of 28 days of any proposal for alteration, deletion or addition must be given in writing to the Secretary. The notice with proposer and seconder with full details of the proposal shall be circulated to members clubs 7 days before the Meeting.

Any such alteration, deletion or addition, to become effective, must be carried out by at least two thirds of the votes cast at the meeting.

In the event of the League becoming disbanded, the clubs holding League or Cup trophies will, after their term for holding such trophies has expired, return the same to their respective donors to be held in trust for future events.

Any abuse of League Officials or Referees will result in the immediate suspension of the offenders from any competition run by the League.