St Helens Pensioner Bowling Association

Welcome to the website for the St. Helens Pensioner Bowling Association for 2023.


League Rules:
League Rules

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Cup Rules

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Manage League

President: Ray Connor

Chairman: Les Hatton

Secretary: Trevor Bold

Treasurer: Brian Egerton

Fixture Secretary: Dave Swain

EC Members: Roy Pearce, Jim Smith, George Windsor.

Absent Results


Absent Results

A number of queries have been raised about the inputting of "absentees" into the cgleague website.

When posting a result where a team has a shortage of players, the name of the person in attendance should be entered giving him a score of 21. The opposition member must be left blank. 

The result will then be "submitted" using the submit icon as normal. The cgleague automatically inserts "absent" where the player was not in attendance.

If you, by mistake, put in an incorrect name you can scroll up to the top of the "name box" where you will find a "blank" input. By inserting this blank it will show up as absent by submitting the result. If you have any problems or queries please do not hesitate to contact the Fixture Secretary.

Putting incorrect information into the website constitutes an offence and will be dealt with by the Executive Committee.

(Tuesday 20 June 2023)


There are two David Evans playing for Vulcan. When entering the match details into the cgleague, please ensure that you enter the correct person otherwise it will show up as a non-conformance.

To assist in their differentiation:

Dave Evans plays for the "A" team.

David Evans plays for the "B" team.

(Tuesday 23 May 2023)