St Helens Pensioner Bowling Association

Welcome to the website for the St. Helens Pensioner Bowling Association for 2024.


League Rules:
League Rules

Cup Rules:
Cup Rules

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Manage League

President: Ray Connor

Chairman: Les Hatton

Secretary: Trevor Bold

Treasurer: Brian Egerton

Fixture Secretary: Dave Swain

EC Members: Jim Smith

Teams playing at 11.00am

Semi-Final Cup Draws 2024

Cgleague Information.

Teams playing at 11.00am

The following teams play their league matches at 11.00am:

Division 1    Rainhill "A"

Division 2    Eccleston Lane Ends "B"

Division 3    Mesnes Park "C" & Rainhill "D"

Division 4    Unison "D"

PS. Preliminary Cup matches up to the Quater Finals played on a Wednesday at Eagle & Child (Rfd) also commence at 11.00am.


(Monday 15 July 2024)

Semi-Final Cup Draws 2024

President's Cup

   Eccleston Lane Ends "A" (Scr)         vs      Carr Mill "A" (Scr)                     

             Unison "A" (Scr)      vs      Haydock C.C. "B" (+18) 

         The above games will be played at Ruskin, No 1 Green          

Chairman's Cup

             Vulcan "A" (+6)      vs      Mesnes Park "B" (Scr) 

 Prescot & Odyssey "A" (+12)   vs      Viaduct (Scr)                  

                          The above games will be played at Ruskin, No 2 Green               


 Matches are to be played on Wednesday 24th July 2024, commencing at 1.00pm.

Match results should be directed to Trevor Bold as soon as possible following the completion of the matches.

(Monday 15 July 2024)

Cgleague Information.

During 2024 there will be more information published on this site. It will be in your interest to log into this site on a regular basis to keep up with any news that we may wish to inform you of.

(Wednesday 14 February 2024)