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Welcome to the web site of the St Helens and District Churches Bowling League.

Chariman                                     George Bishop

Treasurer                                     Ben Mallett

Secretary                                     No Details (INFOSEC)            Email :

Fixture & results Secretary             John Pye              Email :

Please contact Fixture secretary for information RE this Website Email :

Due to INFOSEC Rules Some players have requested their details are not shown on this web site.






Handicaps for 2024 Season

Rule Change regarding when a team is short

Season Start Times

BCGBA Player registration form

BCGBA Club Registration form

Handicaps for 2024 Season

Police  Minus 10 Home and Away

PAMS and Lane Ends  Scratch home and Away

All Others  Scratch Home and plus 20 away

(Monday 12 February 2024)

Rule Change regarding when a team is short

A player from the first three singles games can be nominated by the opposong captainto play again if a team is short of players.

The opponents will be given a 5 chalks start and will forfeit the opening block if it is an away game

Declaration of being a player short should be made at the point of doing the first four cards.

This ruling can only be used once in any one game. If a team is two or more players short the result for these additional missing players will be a walk over for the opponent.

Should the player selected be unwilling to play twice, that game will also be deemed a walk over.

A facility is included on the website for the player to be named as A Nother for his/her second game

(Thursday 9 February 2023)

Season Start Times

Unless the club has floodlights start times are as follows:-

April   6.00pm

May - July  6.30pm

August   6.15pm

September  6.00pm

Clubs with Floodlights are: Windle, Police, Unison All Saints, Unison Church and Lane Ends.For these clubs all start times are 6.30pm

(Wednesday 8 February 2023)

BCGBA Player registration form

(Tuesday 23 March 2021)

BCGBA Club Registration form

(Tuesday 23 March 2021)