Sale Ladies Bowling League

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          Welcome to the website of the               Sale Ladies Bowling League  



League Fixtures begin on Tuesday, 9th April 2024.    1.20pm for 1.30pm start

The Blind Babies Cup will be an all day - knock out - competition at Worthington Park on Monday, 15th April 2024.   10.30am for 10.45am start.


League Officials for 2024

President                      Mrs Ann Lewis

Chair                             Mrs Anne Keast

Secretary                     Mrs Julie Thompson / Mrs Joyce Sloan

Asst Secretary             Mrs Jean Williamson / Mrs Sandra Stephens

Treasurer                     Mrs Carole Scowcroft

C. County Rep              Mrs Angela Wolfenden



League Competition Results - 2023

Aggregate Champion   -   Shirley Summerfield, Trinity Moor A  (234 Points)

Top A Team      -      Trinity Moor A

Runners up      -      Walton Park A

Top B Team      -      Jubilee B

Runners up      -      Walton Park B


League Cup Competition Results - 2023

Blind Babies Cup held at Sale Park on 03/04/2023

Winner:           Brenda Preston, Sale Park

Runner-up:     Debbie Stabler, Ashton Park


Pairs Cup held at Ashton Park on 25/07/23

Winners:            Avril Mather & Kath Jackson, Trinity          (54 Points)

Runners-up:      Cynthia Nuttall & Beryl Walton, Jubilee     (44 Points)


Minus Aggregate Consolation Cup run by Brooklands at Sale Park on 04/09/23

Winner:            Michelle Rothwell, Brooklands    

Runner-up:       Val Harrison,  Trinity Moor                       



League Cup Competition Results - 2022

League Merit held at Sale Park on 15/8/22

Winner:          Margaret Rock, Jubilee

Runner-up:     Bobby Cotton, Ashton Park



Life Members of the League

Mrs Alys Dawson, Sale Park

Mrs Jill Chandler, Brooklands