Newton & District Seniors Bowling League


The Association shall be governed by a council comprising of elected officials (The Executive Committee) and one delegate from each club. A quorum is three plus two officers.

Membership is open to males aged 58 and over.

The AGM shall be held in February. Any rule change must receive two thirds of the votes cast. Other matters by a simple majority.

The March meeting is to receive individual registrations and fees in full. No pay, no play. All other meetings as notified.

The Secretary will record minutes of all meetings.

The financial year shall end on the 30th November.

The Treasurer will bank all monies and settle debts by cheque signed by two officials and issue receipts.

Honoraria may be awarded. All expense incurred on behalf of the association will be reimbursed.

Prize monies must be collected in person at the AGM or forfeit.

Any matter not specified by rule or procedure shall be decided by the Executive Committee, whose decision, is final.

No member of the Executive Committee shall sit in adjudication in any dispute involving his own team.

The day-to-day management of the association shall be dealt with by the Executive Committee.

A team shall consist of 8 players

All games 21 up off scratch.

Games commence at 1:45pm unless otherwise stated and played as per fixture list. Failure to comply with this rule will result in offending teams being deducted points and opponents awarded the game and points.

Games may be brought forward

Points awarded: home win 2 points, away win 3 points. Tied games: home1 point, away 2 points.

Away teams to be allowed 15 minutes practice prior to commencement of the game, but not in the preceding 7 days. Away Captain may practice early.

Players may transfer to a team in a higher division however, after playing 5 games the player must remain with that team for the remainder of the season.

Team Captains to act as referees and to ensure no contravention of rules.

Card markers to check every 5 ends. Any discrepancy which cannot be resolved must revert to the score when last agreed. Markers to agree scores at end of match before players leave the green.

Games not started or completed due to inclement weather must be rearranged within 14 days or in the case of the last fixture 7 days, or games voided.

Unfinished games must recommence as near as possible to where they left off and the scores agreed at the time. Any player involved in the original game who is not available for the rearranged game may be substituted. No practice allowed.

The Executive Committee shall determine the formation of sections and the handicap thereof.

All players must be registered with the league before participating in a match. Any team playing an unregistered player will lose that game 21-0.