North Derbyshire Ladies Vets Bowling League

2021 AGM Wednesday 24th November 2:00pm Whaley Bowling Club

2021 Elected Officers

Chairlady - Jan Lomas - 07968233897

Secretary - Cath Pearson - 07891536529

Registration,  Fixtures & Results Secretary - Dianne Waterhouse - 07807756054

Treasurer - Maureen Douglass - 07752447952

We will follow any guidance given by the BCGBA regarding COVID.

Hi All

New Mills, Ramblers, Ashwood Park and Furness Vale decided not to bowl in the league this year.

Any decisions regarding the way forward for the Vets league  will be made at the AGM on Wednesday 24th November at 2:00pm Whaley Bowling Club and please if anyone has any thoughts on this or any other business they want discussed at the AGM please send them to Cath Pearson by mid July so that she will be able to forward them to clubs for discussion.

Captains, please consult your players regarding long or short season so as we can vote if needed at the AGM.