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Coronavirus Update

Rules 10a, 19a and 27

Coronavirus Update

Dear all, 

Due to the continuing restrictions brought on by the Coronavirus, the situation where there is no prospect of competitive bowling in the foreseeable future and to protect the health and safety of the players, the league has cancelled all Cup and League competitions for the 2020 season. In the meantime we hope you and your families keep safe and well and we look forward to seeing you for the 2021 season 

Kind regards

Your Committee




(Friday 29 May 2020)

Rules 10a, 19a and 27

Rule 10a: That all fixtures and cup-ties organised by the league shall be strictly adhered to.  

Rule 19a: Games to be 21 up. Teams to be ten per side. If any team were only to field 8 or 9 players on any occasion a supplementary draw may be made from the players listed in games 1 to 6 to play again in order to complete the fixture. Any home player redrawn against a player who has not previously played forfeits 5 chalks per game. In the reverse case 3 chalks to be forfeited per game. When both teams use the same home green or a neutral green, 3 chalks to be forfeited by the team per game. The captain must let the opposing captain know before the draw is made and then must offer the opposing captain the choice of drawing the players from the 6 already drawn to play twice; these players will then player N°1 and N°10 and N°2 and N°9. Only the player’s first score will go towards the averages. The rule would be firm but in the spirit of the game discretion may be applied by agreement of both captains.

Rule 27: The maximum mark between a male and female bowler or male and Veteran bowler to be 40 metres unless both players agree to waive the rule.

(Tuesday 14 May 2019)