Macclesfield and District Veterans' Bowling Association

The results service for veterans' crown green bowling in the Macclesfield area

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                                            Welcome to Macclesfield Veterans' Bowling Association

We would like to express our grateful thanks to our  sponsor Andrew Smith and  also the following advertisers for the 2019 season.


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Please remember to abide by any Covid-19 guidelines at all times




Please note :

  1.  Any clubs with a 'C' team play their home matches in the morning (10:30 start). The away teams practice from 10:15.
  2.  Kerridge BC (formerly Plough/TRC) will be playing their home matches on their  new green in 2021. Check out the Green   Finder for directions.
  3.  Victoria Park are moving back to their home green for the 2021 season.


For more information, contact the secretary: Ian Peers.




Macc Vets 2021 AGM

2021 Handbook

Morning parking at Prestbury Bowling Club 2020

Macc Vets 2021 AGM

We have been having issues trying to arrange a venue for this year's Macc Vets AGM but finally we have a venue and a date. We shall be holding the event at Macclesfield Cricket Club's room on Tuesday 26th October at 2:00pm.

There are a couple of parking options, firstly by parking near Parkside and walking through or by parking at Macc Cricket club's parking site. If using the latter please TURN RIGHT at the main entrance  through the gate which should be unlocked  and park along that side of the car park. Please inform as many people as you can of the meeting and we look forward to seeing you all there. Also can you share this on your timeline. Many thanks.

(Saturday 16 October 2021)

2021 Handbook

As you know we have tried to save costs this year so instead we have created a website with all the up to date information on it. We'd also like photos / videos from your club to show how your season's going etc.

To access this website please go to the new Macc Vets website at: If there is anything else you'd like to see on there please let Ian Peers know at

(Thursday 27 May 2021)

Morning parking at Prestbury Bowling Club 2020

Would all C team captains playing morning games at Prestbury BC note that your team members must NOT park in the village hall car park. They can park just around the corner in the public Shirleys Car Park which is just a short walk away. Access to the car park is via Shirleys Drive. 

(Saturday 19 January 2019)