Leigh and District Catholic Bowling League

Leigh and District Catholic Bowling League Rules

Rules & Constitution

  1. The League format is based on bowlers representing the Catholic Churches of Leigh and District. Each team should have obtained permission either from the appropriate parish priest that the name of their church can be used in the Leigh and District Catholic Bowling League or from the committee of a Catholic Association Club which represents the catholic community but is not affiliated to a particular church (i.e. Leigh Catholics). The committee must approve all other teams.
  2. Bowlers whatever their religious beliefs should respect and practice the behavior fitting of representatives of a church league.
  3. The Management Committee will comprise of a Chairman and Secretary / Treasurer (both elected at the AGM.) and 1 delegate from each club. They will meet on the 1st. Monday of each month or a mutually agreed date during the playing season.
  4. The Handicap Committee will comprise 3 delegates with the Chairman and Secretary / Treasurer in attendance as observers.
  5. The Management Committee shall have jurisdiction upon all matters not provided for in the Rules and may adopt such Byelaws as may be deemed advisable.

Bye - Laws

  1. All games should be played under the rules of the British Crown Green Bowling Association.
  2. Teams to consist of 8 players and all games to be 21up.
  3. Handicaps when in place will range between 0 and 5 with new players starting on scratch unless the Handicap Committee knows their playing capability. Handicaps for league purposes will be as follows starting at 0 and in increments of 4 down to 36 for the last position in the league.
  4. Players can be registered anytime throughout the season, Players signed after initial team registration will play off scratch if individual handicaps are in place, providing the Secretary has been notified. A player cannot play for more than one team in any season and must be registered with the British Crown Green Bowling Association.
  5. Scoring system for said league to be :- 1pt per winning block, with 2pts for home win, 3pts for away win for over all aggregate scores, if match is drawn 1pt per team
  6. In the event of a walkover the score for match purposes is 21 - nil, but for individual records the score is 21 -11.
  7. Games to commence at 7.00pm. during the inclusive dates 16th. April to 15th. August. Games played outside this period to start at 6.30pm.
  8. Practice to start 20 minutes from the start time, 10 minutes each, home team first.
  9. The last 4 pairs/games must be drawn, at the latest, 45 minutes after the start of each match. Players must be present for the draw. If a team is short of player’s blank cards should be inserted in the draw for the last 4 pairs. The draw should be fair and no player should receive preferential treatment.
  10. On completion of a game, by mutual agreement of the captains, another game should start.
  11. Clubs who play non-registered players will lose the match.
  12. The player’s handicap should be included and marked in the 1st. end on the scorecard.
  13. The official score sheet must be signed by both captains who will act as referees for the match. Match result score sheets to be posted to the Secretary to reach him by the following Monday.
  14. Matches may only be postponed if the green is unplayable as agreed by the Captains and /or the green-keeper. No game to be cancelled through lack of players.
  15. Postponed matches must be played on one of the next two following Sundays starting at 11.30am. or by mutual agreement of the captains within this time period. There must not be any change of players from the original draw except in special circumstances agreed by both captains. Normal practice allowed.
  16. Individual games so postponed or interrupted because of bad weather must be resumed at the state of interruption. If play cannot be resumed immediately after the interruption then the match must be played on one of the next two following Sundays starting at 11.30.am. or by mutual agreement of the captains within this time period. There must not be any change of players from the original match. No practice allowed if the match is resumed on the same day.
  17. Teams failing to play within the appointed time of bye/laws 15 and 16 will lose the match points. Which will be 8pts no bonus pts included.
  18. Clubs will be fined one point, at the discretion of the Management Committee, if they regularly fail to attend meetings.
  19. Clubs may protest to the Management Committee on any points arising from a match at the monthly meeting or if urgent via the Secretary.
  20. In the event of a tie for League Champions the winner will be the team with the best aggregate score of all league matches. In the unlikely event of a tie on aggregate points one match will be played (within 10 days after the last league match) to decide the winner, 4 games on each green, away team jacks.
  21. The annual Individual and Pairs Handicap will be played through to the final on the same day of each event. No practice within 3 hours from the start of the competition.
  22. All registered bowlers must have played in at least 4 league matches in the current or preceding season to qualify for entry in the current season’s Individual and Pairs competitions. Fees with entry. Regular team captains who have not played 4 matches will be allowed to play subject to the approval of the handicap committee.
  23. In the event of two or more players sharing the Individual Merit the winner will be the best aggregate on all matches. Merit points are 2 and 3 for Home and Away wins respectively.
  24. In the Knock-out Competition all teams except the league leaders will receive a small number of points start based on mid season league positions, using aggregate scores if necessary. Handicaps based on 12 teams should be 0, 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 25, 25, 30, 30, 35, 35. + half of league handicap.
  25. Matches in the Knockout Competition must be played on the specified dates or the offending team forfeits the match. If a match is drawn captains should select any player from their team to play a deciding match on the same night or as soon as possible before the next Knockout rounds start. Green to be agreed and normal handicaps to be used. Practice to start 20 minutes before the match, 10 minutes each team, first practice to be decided between captains.
  26. All games in the Knockout competition to be played on neutral greens. Both teams to provide equal numbers of jacks which are to be shared.
  27. All registered bowlers must have played in at least 4 league matches to qualify for selection in the Knockout competition. Amendment:- This includes the season prior.
  28. The Merit winner from each team qualifies for the Player of the Season competition. All off scratch regardless of handicap except home green player(s) whom are -2. Practice allowed up to 5 minutes before the match starts.
  29. League Fees/ Postage Costs/ Prize Monies will be agreed annually by the Management Committee. Each team in the league must purchase at least 6 tickets for the presentation night. Cost to be agreed each season. All teams should support additional fund raising events.
    The league is open to any male aged over 16 years.
  30. Voting at the Annual General Meeting will be one vote per team.
  31. Alterations to existing rules can only be made at the Annual General Meeting when passed by a majority vote. Notices of Motions should be with the Secretary two weeks before the A.G.M. who will distribute the motions to the Management Committee.

Rules and Constitution updated at the Annual General Meeting dated 7th.Febuary 2011