Cheadle & Gatley District Bowling League

Cheadle & Gatley District Bowling League - A G M

Meeting 23rd January 2017 - 7.30pm @ The Bungalow Club

1) Silent invocation

The secretary asked delegates to stand for few moments in silence in memory of colleagues who had passed away in the last year. These included:
Jim Massey, Harold Johnson - Ladybarn, Alan Rawlinson - Bungalow, Jim Kenyon - Crown Hotel, Derek Hulme, Tommy Jein - Houldsworth WMC, Ian Nicholson - Burnage GV, Tommy Shone, Dave Moss, Jeff Scott, Doug Smith - Nursery, Frank Hodgson, Barry Kinder - Marple Pk, George Pearson, Bill Sinacola - Heald Green,Bill Yeoman – Heald Green & Northen Etchells, Tom Lang - Friendship, Northen Etchells & Poynton PWM, Arthur Chapman, Paddy Lawler, Jimmy Wharton - Northen Etchells, Alan Lloyd, Fred Worthington - Shaw Heath, Ken Meenan - SWMCC, Jack Forrest Jnr - Ex Treasurer, Eric Smith - Ex Secretary,

2) Register - Apologies - Tom Forsyth, Harold Beech (late apology).
Absent - Heald Green

3) Minutes of 2016 annual general meeting having been circulated – proposed Waggon & Horses. Seconded Bungalow, Passed by majority vote.

4) Ratification of rule changes – the minutes of the rules revision meeting had been circulated – proposed Shaw Heath, Seconded by Northen Etchells, passed by majority vote.

5) Correspondence & Secretary - Report

i) He proposed to run the KO Cups in the same way as last year, and the Merits with a choice of green.

ii) The veterans’ fixtures are in the Handbook, all divisions have been equalized, but waiting for the evening league, which will all go to the printers by 1st February.

iii) Green Rotas have been circulated, delegates were asked to make sure greens are available.

iv) Player Registrations were requested as per the rule, copies of last seasons registrations had been previously circulated, are now being amended and returned.

v) Meetings - emailed proposal from Great Moor (M Travis is away) to reduce the number of meetings. It was felt from the delegates that meetings were required the dates are:-
Preseason - Monday 20th March 2017. To distribute the handbooks etc
Post Season - Monday 2nd October 2017. Review of season, resolution of disputes etc. Subject to need?
Half yearly - Monday 13th November 2017. Proposals for rule changes and presentation evening
AGM - Monday 22nd January 2018. Election of officers; confirmation of rule changes and of league composition
Preseason - Monday 19th March 2018. Distribution, handbooks & match sheets etc.

vi) Email from M Dawson re player suspension from playing for none payment of dues after discussion it was deferred till another meeting.

6) Treasurers Report - Tom Forsyth given by the Secretary, the balance sheet was accepted subject to audit, it would be officially passed at the next AGM.

7) Auditors Report – Dave Cocker stated that he would audit the books as soon as it was convenient.

8) Match Secretary (Evening) - John Cunningham. Requested that match record sheets should be sent in promptly, fully filled in and with players names listed in full.

9) Match Secretary (Veterans) - Alan Bligh. Stated he also wanted the same.

10) Election of officers

President: it was proposed by the Secretary D J McKnight (in recognition of 40 years service) to replace D Walker as President.
Vice Presidents: Mr A Bligh – Mr M Broome – Mr S E Warburton – it was proposed by the Secretary that R Kavanagh (in recognition of 20 years service) be added.
Chairman: D J McKnight - (willing to carry on as Chairman)
Hon Secretary: G Wood - (willing to carry on as Secretary)
Hon Treasurer: T Forsyth - (willing to carry on as Treasurer)
Hon Results Secretary (Evenings): J Cunningham - (willing to carry on as Evening Match-Secretary)
Hon Results Secretary (Veterans): A Bligh - (willing to carry on as Veteran’s Match- Secretary)
Management Sub-committee: S Alsop was the only member present, H Beech (informed me after the meeting, that he had tried to get to the meeting but had been delayed.) that left vacancies, matters arising could be handled by the officials.
Auditor: D Cocker.
All elected by majority vote

11) Fixing of honorariums

The chairman proposed that the honorariums should follow the five year plan, (last year of current plan).
The honorariums for the 2016 season
Secretary and Treasurer £ 370 each
Veterans’ secretary and Match Secretaries £ 255 each
The honorarium for the veterans’ secretary would be split between the secretary and the veterans’ match secretary. Agreed by majority vote

12) Any other business

The meeting closed at 8.40p.m.