Cheadle & Gatley District Bowling League

Season 2018

This page summarises the main dates for the 2018 season, for the Evening League and Veterans’ League, and for the meetings, which are for all clubs.

The Evening League runs for 19 weeks on Tuesday nights from 3 April to 21 August (division C has 20 matches and finishes on 11 September). There are no league matches on 12 June or 10 July.

The first two rounds of the knock-out cup (the Bob Newlan Memorial Trophy) will be played during the league season. The quarter-finals, semi-finals and final follow the main league programme on Tuesday evenings:

Round 1 Tuesday 12 June
Round 2 Tuesday 10 July
Round 3 Tuesday 28 August
Semi-finals Tuesday 18 September
Final Tuesday 25 September

For the Merit the qualifying round and final are on the Tuesday evenings following the league season (at venues with floodlights).

Closing date for entries 27 August
Qualifying rounds Tuesday 4 September
Final day Tuesday 11 September

The Veterans’ League runs for 18 weeks from Wednesday 4 April to Wednesday 22 August (one team plays its home matches on Tuesdays and another on Wednesday mornings). There are no league matches on 25 July and 8 August (first two rounds of the P.C.S. Cup), nor on 15 August (Stockport Bowls Festival). The remaining P.C.S. Cup rounds and the Merit follow the league programme.

Round 1 Wednesday 25 July
Round 2 Wednesday 8 August
Round 3 Tuesday 5 September
Round 4 Wednesday 12 September
Semi-finals Wednesday 19 September
Final Wednesday 26 September

For the individual merit, qualifying rounds are held on a Wednesday afternoon. These produce eight qualifiers for the final day (with a maximum three games required to qualify). On the final day the winner and runner-up have to play three games.

Closing date for entries 20 August
Qualifying rounds Wednesday 29 August
Final day Tuesday 11 September