Bolton Ladies Conservative League

Rules for the Conservative Ladies League 2018

Game 21 up, Crown Green Rules, Match Night Friday

All players must be registered with the B.C.G.B.A and registered with our league before the 30th April 2018.
A copy of registered players to be sent to all teams secretaries.

Subscription for 2018, £30.00 per team.

8 players per team. Reserve must play if the team member has not arrived 70 minutes from the time the game should commence. (i.e 7:40pm when the match start time os 6:40pm).

Marker must be neutral and not give advice unless requested.

No matches to be cancelled on same day, unless bad weather. Latest time for games to be cancelled 5:30pm on day of match. Re-arranged date to be made at time of cancellation, if possible.

If match has to be cancelled two alternative dates must be offered . The away team must accept one of these dates or forfeit the match.

Method of scoring as 2017 season – 3pt away win, 2pt home win, 2 pts away draw and 1 pt home draw, plus 1 pt for each individual winner on both teams.

A trophy to be given to each member of the winning team and a smaller trophy to be given to the runners up.

Merit prize to be awarded on the basis of 3 points for an away win and 2 points for a home win, if two players have equal number of points, then the prize is awarded on the best average.

Please send match Cards to the League Secretary after each match.

Matches played in April and August to start at 6:30pm and May, June and July to start at 7:00pm.

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