Urmston & District Veterans Bowling League

Joe Rigby Pairs - 2012

The Joe Rigby Pairs is a knock-out competition. All games are 21-up, off 6 (homesters off 4 on the final day).

Qualifying rounds were played on Monday 6 August to produce eight finalists.

The final day was on Friday 10 August at Flixton Cons.

The competition was won by T Smith and D Walker of Clifton.

Draw for the final day:

Round 1 Semi-final Final
J McAulay
P Pickford
Winton Social F Russell
J Tarpey
7 T Smith
D Walker
21 T Smith
D Walker
F Russell
J Tarpey
Victoria Park W/O
S Baker
J Graham
Chandos 9 T Smith
D Walker
T Smith
D Walker
Clifton 21
N Hindley
J Pargeter
Flixton Ex-servicemens 15 R Berry
D Hanson
21 R Berry
D Hanson
R Berry
D Hanson
Winton Social 21
S Hamer
W Hardman
Winton W W/O S Hamer
W Hardman
M Allen
N Rowles
United Services

Entrants were allocated to qualifying greens as shown below. Those in bold qualified for the final day.

S Baker & J GrahamChandos
J Metcalf & S RexFlixton CC
J Cooper & T LawsonFlixton Cons
J Merrill & D PickwickFlixton Cons
N Hindley & J PargeterFlixton Ex-Servicemens
N Chilton & B LawleyPatricroft Park
P Clark & P YatesRoebuck
B Williams & I WorsencroftWinton W
J Holian & A StocksChandos
D Barlow & C MasseyClifton
P Phoenix & N WheeldonMetro Sports
N Brewin & I HarveyMonton
F Harrison & K HodgkinsonPatricroft Park
M Allen & N RowlesUnited Services
T Hanbridge & W WalkerUnited Services
T Green & J KellyWinton Social
S Hamer & W HardmanWinton W
United Services
K Hughes & A PayneFlixton CC
T Pemberton & G SmythFlixton CC
G Anderson & C HutchinsonMonton
B Healey & R PartingtonMonton
T Mortimer & F SouthonSale Cons
R Berry & D HansonWinton Social
L Burke & J RobertsWinton Social
J McAulay & P PickfordWinton Social
L Burke & A WinterWinton W
Winton W
F Aldred & M LeggattChandos
T Smith & D WalkerClifton
C Crook & B DavysFlixton CC
T Cutler & M HughesLinden
E Allen & J FieldingPatricroft Park
D Brown & D CawdreyRoebuck
J Bayley & S YarwoodUnited Services
F Russell & J TarpeyVictoria Park