Urmston & District Veterans Bowling League

Individual Merit - 2012

The Individual Merit is an individual knock-out competition. All games are 21-up, off 6 (homesters off 4 on the final day).

Qualifying rounds were played on Monday 11 June to produce eight finalists.

The final day was on Friday 15 June at Winton Social.

The competition was won by Ted Farrer of Linden.

Draw for the final day:

Round 1 Semi-final Final
D Walker Clifton 21 D Walker 21 D Walker 20 T Farrer
N Brewin Monton 12
J Kelly Winton 21 J Kelly 19
R Berry Winton 13
T Farrer Linden 21 T Farrer 21 T Farrer 21
K Hughes Flixton CC 20
K Royle Winton W 21 K Royle 14
P Williamson Linden 19

Entrants were allocated to qualifying greens as shown below. Those in bold qualified for the final day.

D WalkerClifton
Charles HutchinsonMonton
E AllenPatricroft Park
Peter YatesRoebuck
Don WalkerUnited Services
R BerryWinton Social
Liam BurkeWinton Social
Mike O'ReganWinton Social
Colin CrookFlixton CC
Mike NuttallFlixton CC
Tom PembertonFlixton CC
Tommy AllisonUnited Services
Bernard OxleyUnited Services
J KellyWinton Social
Lol BurkeWinton Social W
S HamerWinton Social W
K RoyleWinton Social W
T SmithClifton
Stan RexFlixton CC
Gerry SmythFlixton CC
Peter WilliamsonLinden
Gordon AndersonMonton
Nicholas BrewinMonton
F WharmbyPatricroft Park
Pete ClarkRoebuck
Sam YarwoodUnited Services
Urmston Mens
N PenningtonClifton
Keith HughesFlixton CC
Ted FarrerLinden
Ronald GoodaleMonton
Ian HarveyMonton
Doug BrownRoebuck
Derrick CawdreyRoebuck
D HansenWinton Social