Sale Ladies Bowling League

All games to be played according to BCGBA rules.

All matches to commence at 2pm. Draw at 1.50pm.

All jacks to be standard as per BCGBA rules, and tested every 7 years.

Not less than 4 jacks shall be placed on the green at the start of the game.

all players, including reserves, must be present at the draw. If a player or reserve not present, opponent may claim the chalks. When a walk-over occurs, the team claim 21 points and their player receives +1 on her aggregate and this counts as having played in that match

there shall be 8 players per side, games 21 up and total chalks scored shall decide the game.

No practice allowed within one hour of the start of the game.

Visiting team to take the jack at the start of the game.

Markers must sit together and agree each other's score card every 3rd end. Where the score cannot be agreed by the markers or players, it shall revert to the end where both scorecards show the score to be in agreement.

No player shall leave sight of the green until her game is completed, except by permission of the two captains. (BCGBA rule).

When the draw is made by aggregate scores, new players to the League to be placed at the bottom of the team for the first game.
A player transferring to another team takes her aggregate with her. This remains for a limit of two years, or until she starts to play again.

When a team is short of players they may play one player twice. Efforts should be made to find as many players as possible who are prepared to play twice, so that a draw may be made by the opposing Captain. Otherwise, Captain should nominate at least 2 players for the draw. The player drawn should play in aggregate position for her first game and points scored in this game affect her aggregate. Her second game to be played against the opposing player whose aggregate position is directly below that of her first opponent. The second opponent would be entitled to a roll up of a maximum of 4 ends before play. The second game does not affect the aggregate of the player playing twice, but her team gains the points scored in both games.

The Aggregate/Average Cup winner must have played in a minimum of 17 games, including the last 2 games of the season. (In the event of drawing the card of a missing player, Rule 5 applies).

In the event of teams tying on points for the championship and runners-up, the team with the least points against them to be declared champions. If still a tie, match to be played on a neutral green to decide the championship or runner-up.

The minimum mark shall be 19 metres and the maximum 41 metres.

A club may register 'floaters' who may play for either team, but whichever team first calls on her has priority to include her, and she may play only twice in the season for the other team.

Anyone playing in the last match must have played in a minimum of 4 matches during the season.

Home Captain decides order of play, but should make allowances for a request from visiting Captain.