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Hi Everyone

30 September 2018

Biddulph Bowling Club Round Robins

Commencing Monday 8th October and Friday 12th October then every Monday and Friday until the start of the 2019 season.
Registration from 11.30 a.m. for a 12.00 noon start.
Green may be closed if flooded or frozen.  Contact Danny Sutton (07748 863440) or Roy Allen (07740 194855)..

8 September 2018

Autumn Round Robins - Coronation Club will be holding round robins starting Saturday 15th September and then every Wednesday and Saturday until the end of October. Registration from 12.30 p.m. for a 1.00 p.m. start.

02 October 2018

The Frank Green Six A Side Handicap Knockout Final Result is shown below.

Congratulations to the victorius Westlands team yet again in winning the Frank Green Six A Side trophy for the 5th time over the last 6 years!!
Proud captain Richard Burgess is shown above holding the trophy - well done to all the Westlands players!!
Knypersley Club A were runners-up and fought valiantly throughout the match to lose by 125 - 107 despite a fine 21-12 win by captain Ray Smallman.
Thanks must be given to Coronation Club for providing a superbly presented green for this event.

31 August 2018
Get forms, score sheets etc.
- I've put a link on this home page (see on left) for anyone to access Congleton League forms and score sheets.  The link takes you to Google Docs where you will see the forms.  You should be able to double click on a required item and either print it or download it by clicking on the relevant printer or download icon.  Let me know if this works for you and if it will be helpful in the future.

2nd October 2018
The Vets Knockout
Final Result
 is shown below. 
The picture above shows Congleton League Chairman, Paul Charlesworth, presenting the Vets KO 2018 Trophy to Colin Davenport,
captain of the victorius Victoria Club!!
The runners-up were Middleport Park Club who were strong favourites, despite giving a huge 57 point advantage to Victoria Club, but players and spectators alike must have thought when watching this well-contested match that Victoria Club were a Division A team from the fine play shown by most of their players. 
Victoria Club won by 189 - 169. Well done!!
It might also be noted that Victoria Club also came top of the Vets Division C and will be playing in Division B next season - well done again!!
Middleport Park also announced that this was their last match under the renowned Middleport Park name as they will be integrated with Clough Hall Club next year.
Thanks were given to Cricket Club for providing the venue and to Secretary Kath Kettle for providing tea and biscuits for players and spectators.

21 July 2018

Vets Men's Interleague Match 2018

The Vets Men's Interleague match Crewe and Nantwich v Congleton took place on Friday 20th July at Hop Pole, commencing at 2.00 p.m.
The Hop Pole green was rather brown and very quick, having suffered from the long period of hot weather with little rain.
It looked as if this was going to be a big advantage to the Crewe & Nantwich side, especially as 6 of their 12 players were Hop Pole members.
The first 4 games however gave great encouragement to the Congleton team as they only dropped 2 points overall to take an 11 point lead.
In form Dave Chew (Cricket Club) had a particularly fine 21-9 win against Ian Davies (Hop Pole). 
Cedric Bancroft (Alsager Institute) also won 21-20 after a very hard fought game against Peter Kelly (Shavington).
The next 4 games saw a swing towards Crewe & Nantwich as they fought back well to take a slender 1 point lead 144-143 after 8 games.
However John Higginson (Cricket Club) had a great 21-10 win over Crewe & Nantwich captain John Edmondson (Hop Pole).
The final 4 games were now crucial for both sides but Crewe & Nantwich had great strength in their final 4 players who only dropped 2 points
between them to secure Victory by just 15 points to take the final total to 226-211. 
The only winner for Congleton in this last 4 was Ian Farrimond (Clough Hall), winning 21-19 against Michael Hall (Shavington).
So congratulations must go to Crewe & Nantwich for winning this match in such difficult conditions for both teams in a well fought contest.

Thanks should be given to Hop Pole club for providing the green and refreshments and to the captains, officials and referees.


3 July 2018

The Vets Ladies Interleague Match took place on Friday 29th June, commencing at 2.00 p.m. at Congleton Cricket Club.
A lovely sunny day set the scene on the pristine Cricket Club green for what promised to be a keenly contested match.
A good crowd of spectators had gathered in addition to the 24 participants and they were not disappointed as the first four games
showed spirited performances from both sides winning games each, with Congleton marginally ahead on points. 
It was particularly pleasing to see relative newcomer to bowling, Bev Hyde (Biddulph BC) win her game comfortably 21-11. 
The next four matches went a little more in favour of Crewe & Nantwich who won 3 of these games, although Tess Atkinson (Sandbach)
had a convincing 21-2 win. The game between Pauline Heath (Leek Park) and Enid Craven (Willaston) was a cracking game however with
Pauline just losing out 20-21, to make the match still very close on points.
The last four games however saw very fine performances from the Crewe & Nantwich players who won 3 of the games comfortably and
only Joan Burns (Sandbach Park) managed a narrow 21-20 win for Congleton.
The full results for this well contested match are shown in the score sheet below.

Thanks must be given to Congleton Cricket Club for allowing use of the green and for providing refreshments.

Thanks also to the captains of the 2 teams Brenda Jones (Congleton) and Brenda Bailey (Crewe &Nantwich) and also
the officials and referees without whom the match could not have taken place.

07 April 2018
The Tony Wood Doubles Handicap Knock-Out Finals Results are shown below.



Let me know what information you would like to see on the web site and I will see if it can be done.

Happy bowling

Tony Myatt
League Secretary

Avoid those fines!! A gentle reminder to make sure you don't incur any fines in the 2018 season

Avoid those fines!! A gentle reminder to make sure you don't incur any fines in the 2018 season

Hi everyone

The last thing I want to do in the 2018 season is to impose fines on any club for breaches of rules, but they do have to be upheld.
Can I please respectfully remind you to:
1. Make sure all players in a team are registered - possible £5 fine if not (Page 12 Rule 23).
2. Make sure you always play a full team - have reserves available - possible £1 fine for each player short (Page 13 Rules 5&6).
3. Make sure I receive your score sheet by post or email within 5 days - possible £1 fine if late (Page 13 Rule 11).
4. Make sure your score sheet has the correct Team Name, Division Name (A, B, C) and Player Names - possible £5 fine (Page 14 Rule 16).
If you need to re-arrange a match then please note Page 13 Rule 2 - contact opponents at least 48 hours before the due date and agree a new date.
The re-arranged match must be played within 28 days of the fixture date.  Also inform me so I know when to expect the match sheet. No match to be played after the last fixture date apart from a match cancelled, due to inclement weather only, during the last week of the season.
Failure to do this correctly could result in a 50 point deduction.

Happy Bowling for 2018!!
Tony Myatt
League Secretary

(Tuesday 03 October 2017)