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The Association runs 4 Leagues.     Gents with 4 divisions with teams of 10, Ladies with 3 divisions also with teams of 10, Mixed with 4 and Veterans with 4 both with 8 players per teams. Over 40 different Clubs have membership of the Association.

The league is open to Clubs within a twelve mile radius of Alderley Edge. The league is extremely proud of the green standards in the league. 

The league is run from day to day by its management committee:

  • President: Kevin WIlson
  • Vice-President: Phil Oldham
  • Secretary: Steve Fletcher
  • Treasurer: Pat Dean
  • Match secretary: Janice Wilson (L), Kevin Wilson (G & M), Dennis Miller (V)
  • Competition secretary: Sheila Broadhurst (L), Vacant (G, M & V)


Problem with the Gents league fixtures

Coaching for beginners - Bramhall Queensgate

Bowling for beginners - Great Moor Sports and Social Club

Great Moor Vets

Result and Knock out Sheets

Problem with the Gents league fixtures

Written by Ross Kavanagh complier of the fixtures

The Alderley Gents going to a 22-week season caused some problems.

The main snag is that some teams have longer runs of consecutive home games or consecutive away

games than I'd like. Ideally a run should never exceed two, although three is occasionally tolerable.

In the Alderley Gents, one team in each division starts with five away matches (and has five at home

in July-August). Another team has the opposite of this.

I'm not sure how serious this is. At one time many players would play for only one team, and would

therefore, not see their home green for over a month. Nowadays I think most players play more than

once a week, so the effect may be diluted.

We asked him to have another try to correct the situation.

The problems include other leagues whose programmes are already fixed (Knutsford Ladies, Buxton, Stockport Ladies, Altrincham LV, Chadderton, Cheadle Ladies). I tried various things. The most promising was swopping a couple of fixture dates, but this meant that every team had reverse fixtures in weeks 3 and 4. In general, touching anything has an adverse effect.

If a league is isolated, runs of successive home or away can be limited to two (and not more than two of these per team). For any interlinked league, limiting runs to three would be an achievement.

I suggest we go ahead with these fixtures for 2019. I think I may be able to come up with a combined programme (at least for Alderley Gents, Knutsford and the ladies of Alderley, Cheadle, Knutsford and Stockport). If they all agree we may be able to get a better solution next year (when Easter moving disturbs things again!).

The last time the Alderley Men had a 12-team division was 2015, so I looked at that programme. Then, you had only one team also in Stockport Ladies (three now) and it had four clashes. There was also only one team in common with Knutsford Ladies (two now). It is this business of clubs entering teams in different leagues on the same night that causes all the problems.

Ross tried to sort out the problem six times and didn’t succeed. This is why we have the fixture for this year like they are.


(Tuesday 19 February 2019)

Coaching for beginners - Bramhall Queensgate

Coaching for beginners and current players will be available at Bramhall Queensgate green every Monday from April 8th from 10am to 11am. 

Details from Tina Ramsden on 0161 439 4873

(Saturday 09 February 2019)

Bowling for beginners - Great Moor Sports and Social Club

Great Moor Sports and Social Club

Will commence lessons for bowling beginners’ on Saturday 6th April start time 10 am

Open to Ladies or Gents

Please contact Geoff Shaw  07969 526703

(Monday 14 January 2019)

Great Moor Vets

Great Moor 1st team Vets is looking for new players for 2019 season. If interested please contact  Mike Travis 07980 550970. Membership £12 if joining in January. 

(Sunday 11 November 2018)

Result and Knock out Sheets

The Result and Knock out sheets for each league can be downloaded from the links above and printed out.

Feel free to download as required.

(Monday 12 March 2018)