Alderley Edge and District Bowling Association

The results service for crown green bowling in the Alderley Edge area

Result sheet
KO Result sheet

The Association runs 4 Leagues.     Gents with 4 divisions with teams of 10, Ladies with 3 divisions also with teams of 10, Mixed with 4 and Veterans with 4 both with 8 players per teams. Over 40 different Clubs have membership of the Association.

The league is open to Clubs within a twelve mile radius of Alderley Edge. The league is extremely proud of the green standards in the league. 

The league is run from day to day by its management committee:

  • President: Keith Nicklin
  • Vice-President: Kevin Wilson
  • Secretary: David Lawton
  • Treasurer: Pat Dean
  • Fixture secretary: Janice Wilson (L), Kevin Wilson (G & M), Dennis Miller (V)
  • Competition secretary: Sheila Broadhurst (L), David Kerr (G, M & V)


Kenworthy Merit Final

Jean Potts Memorial Mixed Pairs (External Comp)

Cheshire Merit 2017

Wilmslow Cons Gents

Mixed KO preliminary round.

2017 Calendar in the Handbook

West Heaton B

Poynton Sports B Mixed Team

Result and Knock out Sheets

Pack Horse BC (Gents 1st team contact details)

Ryecroft have Lights, Wilmslow BC don't

Bollington - Change of Gents Captain (Second team)

Ladies Competitions

Gents, Mixed & Vets Competitions

Kenworthy Merit Final

Final to be played on:

Monday 18th September 2017  @  7pm


Venue: TBA


  • Steve Allen (Poynton Sports)
  • Clint Crowther (Ladybridge Park)
  • Dave Heyhurst (Parkside)
  • Mike Heald (Poynton Sports)
  • Ben Holbrook (Poynton Sports)
  • Neil Jenkinson (Poynton WMC)
  • Keith Nicklin (Parkside)
  • Chris Talbot (Bollington)

(Wednesday 12 April 2017)

Jean Potts Memorial Mixed Pairs (External Comp)

With Regrets we have been informed that this has now been cancelled!!


Date: Saturday 13th May 2017

Time: 10.30am

Venue: Wilmslow Conservative Club

Price: £6 per Pair all proceeds go to British Heart Foundation.

All day refreshments avalible.


Alan Potts: Mobile: 07841014845, email:


(Wednesday 05 April 2017)

Cheshire Merit 2017

Qualifing Round: 20th May 2017, Final: 25th June 2017

To enter I will need your CCBA Card Number and name, a £4 fee charged at qualifiing Round


Entries by Saturday 13th May 2017!!!!

Entries to David Kerr on Mobile: 07484137231, email:

(Tuesday 04 April 2017)

Wilmslow Cons Gents

Gents captain W Bell mobile number is wrong.

Should read

Mr W Bell 07498 990804

(Friday 31 March 2017)

Mixed KO preliminary round.

Some people will have noticed that the Prelim round is in the morning, of a league fixture day.

This will affect about half of the teams in the league.

This is a short term fix because of the numbers of games within the season.

In the mixed, the first division's season went from late March, right through to the end of October (22 league matches, 5 KO rounds and 4 cup competitions) 31 weeks.

Rather than call an EGM, we had an emergency Commitee meeting and decided to adjust some events.
One way was to move the prelim round of KO to the morning (on a league fixture day) therefore two matches for some teams.

(Wednesday 29 March 2017)

2017 Calendar in the Handbook

Please check the dates of cup rounds and Competitions below rather than in the Handbook or the draws on each sections KO pages.

This is because some of the dates in the calendar are incorrect.

(Wednesday 29 March 2017)

West Heaton B

West Heaton B have pulled out from the Gents division 4.

All teams due to play them, will now have 2 free dates.

(Wednesday 29 March 2017)

Poynton Sports B Mixed Team

In the Handbook, the Captain is incorrect. It is now Janet Proctor, Telephone 0161 4838769 and 07792251316.

(Friday 24 March 2017)

Result and Knock out Sheets

The Result and Knock out sheets for each league can be downloaded from the links above and printed out.

Feel free to download as required.

(Wednesday 22 March 2017)

Pack Horse BC (Gents 1st team contact details)

In the Handbook, the Captain is Mike Watkins, which is correct.

but to contact Pack Horse for Gents 1st team: Ian Peers on 07581429289

(Wednesday 22 March 2017)

Ryecroft have Lights, Wilmslow BC don't

Please note that the Handbook is incorrect and Ryecroft do have lights.

Wilmslow BC are having problems with their lights, until they are fixed regard them without.

(Wednesday 22 March 2017)

Bollington - Change of Gents Captain (Second team)

Bollington have changed their Gents B team Captain

From Jim Hardy to David Goodwin  - 07738760873

(Monday 20 March 2017)

Ladies Competitions

Walter's Pairs

Date:  Sunday 7th May  Time: 10am start  Venue: Poynton Sports

Entries to Sheila Broadhurst  01625 616976  by  Monday 24th April



K.Birtles Merit

Date: Sunday 2nd July   Time: 1pm start  Venue: Parkside BC

Entries to Sheila Broadhurst  01625 616976  by  Monday 26th June



Mrs Walters Handicap

Date: Sunday 23rd July   Time: 1pm start   Venue: Ryecroft BC

Entries to Sheila Broadhurst  01625 616976  by Monday 10th July

(Thursday 16 February 2017)

Gents, Mixed & Vets Competitions

Rules for all competitions

1. Player's must be registered with the association

2. Player's must have played a minimum of 2 games in the previous or current season

Fee's - £3 per player invoiced to your club at the end of the season

Draw -  Draws will be drawn & Published 1 week before the competion date


Kenworthy Cup Merit Qualifiying Round

(Gent's of any age) - Player's cannot qualify on their own green

Date: Monday 10th April 2017 Time: 7PM Venue: Bollington Rec, Parkside BC, Ryecroft Park, Waggon & Horses

Final Night: Monday 18th September

Brynning Mixed Pair's Trophy

Open to player's of any age

Date: Thursday 4th May 2017 Time: 10.30AM Venue: Poynton RBL  (Altered from calender date)

Miller Senior Mixed Pairs Trophy

Open to member's 60+

Date: Friday 16th June 2017 Time: 10.30am Venue: Thorn Grove BC (Altered from calender date)  

P Rodger's Pairs Cup

Open to all Vet's

Date: Friday 7th July 2017 Time: 10.30am Venue: Wilmslow BC

Maureen Bennet Mixed Pair's Trophy

Open to any age

Date: Thursday 20th July 2017  Time: 10.30am Venue: Bollington Rec

Advertiser Cup Handicap

Open to all

Date: Friday 4th August 2017 Time: 10.30am Venue: Alderley Union Club (Altered from calender date)  

Gent's Pair's Competition

Open to gent's only

Date: Saturday 12th August 2017 Time: 10.30am Venue: Parkside BC   (Altered from calender date)  



How to Enter

  Via your club secetary or Direct to David Kerr on Phone: 0161 494 8974, Mobile: 07484137231 Email: (Preferred)





(Monday 02 January 2017)